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We value your time and are here to support you.


A special thanks from Marie,
Founder & CEO at The REAL.

The key to developing a meaningful relationship is understanding each other’s needs and expectations and working together toward a common goal. The importance of clear and open communication cannot be overstated.


Thank you for working with us to build trust and respect.


Submit Tool Access

Please submit all tools through this Secure Password Vault.

Your password will be your LAST NAME.

Pen and folders

Task Delegation

To ensure a uniform structure, we ask that you fill out this form for all tasks. 

If you say the following phrases inside a Slack message and the form link will appear:


  • new task

  • create a new task 

  • create a task

Or use the :slack: emoji in slack ->

Here is a video instruction.

Remember to bookmark the link for quick access.

Blank Notebook

Important Link(s) Vault

Need a link for a system we created for you? 

Wooden Furnitures

Intentional Check-In

Want to connect to discuss updates or to catch up?

This time will be deducted from your monthly hours.

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