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4 Business Automation Services You Should Get Today to Save Time and Money

To save time and money in business today, you need business automation services. It’s now faster to run automated business systems than manual systems. And the fact that most businesses are online nowadays shows that automation is inevitable.

Thus, operating a business without automated systems leaves you with slim chances of surviving. Therefore, a step towards automating your business systems is a step towards improving your business survival chances.

The following is a breakdown of functions you should seek to automate to improve the competitiveness of your online business.

1. Graphic Design

With new technology sprouting left and right, automating your graphic design function is now becoming easier. You can employ numerous design automation tools to complement your creativity and customer service personalization.

Your focus should particularly be on automating your graphic design workflow. It will help you save time and money by not performing the same repetitive tasks in the design process. For example, creating templates, image labeling, image generation, or image resizing.

Also, automating your design workflow will improve your efficiency when working as a team. For example, an online project management tool like Zapier will automate most of the functions in your design workflow.

You can integrate apps such as Slack, Asana, and Design Pickle that will allow team members to provide automatic updates on their design progress. Moreover, you can also integrate tools such as and Pixelate into your workflow to enhance your visual designs with minimal effort.

Under such an automated workflow, even your clients can view their project progress. It also allows them to comment on changes they want to make instead of waiting until the whole project is complete.

2. Web Design

The primary goal of creating a website for your business is to increase customer conversions. For example, think of a website like Airbnb or Amazon. Their websites are designed to make you happy about their services and instantly turn you into a paying customer.

In short, it is a full brick-and-mortar shop, only that this time it is online. Similarly, you walk into a brick-and-mortar shop, view the items on display, and have a salesperson convince you to make the purchase. Only in this case, there is no salesperson; there are various web design features.

You can see why design automation is a must for your business website. According to customer service statistics, 90% of American consumers use customer service as a deciding factor in making purchase decisions. Moreover, 90% of consumers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a customer service question.

An automated CRM system on your website will automate all your customer communication, improving your customer service quality. Also, CRM Chatbots will make it possible to provide an immediate response to your customers.

Don’t also forget we want your website visitors to convert into paying customers. Therefore, you should not forget about automating your CTA features to make it easier to push prospective customers down the sales funnel.

3. Client Experience and Journey

Did you know that you need to invest 5 to 25 times more time to acquire a new customer than to retain existing ones? The secret to customer retention is improving their customer experience and making their customer journey memorable.

A customer journey entails the multiple stages a customer goes through as they interact with your brand, from need discovery to becoming long-term customers. Each stage provides unique touchpoints that can either confuse or delight your customers. A customer journey map help you map a customer’s experience with your business to achieve their goals.

The best part is that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for an exceptional customer experience. Hence there is no excuse for not automating the process to improve the customer experience.

The following are ways you can leverage automation to better engage with your customers and improve customer experience.

  • Automate your customer communications

  • Automate the customer feedback system

  • Personalize your content creation

  • Develop an automated sales funnel

4. Administrative Support

The daily operations of a business are mainly repetitive. They are likely to consume a lot of your time or money if you hire new employees to delegate the tasks.

Alternatively, you can save time and money by automating your administrative task processes. For example, Dubsado helps automate most of your administrative tasks, such as sending emails, project management, creating invoices, and customer communications.

You no longer need to hire an assistant to be in charge of your appointment scheduling. An online scheduling tool like Calendly will help you organize all your appointment and even provide reminders so you not to miss them.

Email automation tools like Mail Chimp allow you to send numerous emails to customers on your email list at the right time. You can schedule all your emails; the tool will only send them at the time and date you set. The automation tool also allows you to send timely responses to your customers.

Where to Get Business Automation Services?

You can start your automation journey right here. Choose the automation package that suits your business right now and let’s make things faster and more efficient in your business now.


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