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5 Whatsapp Business Automation Techniques That Will Win You More Clients

You need Whatsapp business automation to solve the customer service challenges your business is facing right now. As you already know, a slow response may lead to a loss of customers. How quickly you respond to a customer's product inquiry could be the difference in closing the deal.

According to lead response time statistics, 78% of customers buy from a company that responds to their inquiry first. Moreover, 90% of customers rate an "immediate" response as vital when they have a customer service question.

You cannot achieve these customer expectations using a manual customer communication process. However, WhatsApp business automation can help you accomplish this feat.

Whatsapp Business Automation And Why It Is Beneficial For Your Business

Statistics reveal that WhatsApp is easily the most popular messaging solution. There are over 2 billion using the messaging app monthly. It is also one of the world's most popular social media apps.

Several factors have enabled WhatsApp to achieve this remarkable feat with business automation being one of these factors. The main objective of this automation is to serve more customers faster without having to be there.

WhatsApp business automation allows you to predefine your average conversation with a client and provide predefined automated replies to common customer inquiries. The replies are sent automatically without the need for human intervention. The automation allows you to promptly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries outside business hours.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Automation

It is easy to pick improved customer response time as one of the benefits of WhatsApp business automation. That translates to improved customer service and customer satisfaction in the long haul. But what does this mean for your business?

According to customer service statistics, 73% of firms with above-average customer experience have better financial performance than their competitors. That is probably because 90% of consumers use customer service to decide whether to do business with a firm.

Other benefits of WhatsApp automation include:

  • Automated marketing campaigns

  • Automated solutions for customers

  • Save customer service money

  • Improve customer conversion rate

So, what techniques can you employ to take advantage of these automation benefits?

1. Automate Message Flow from Start to Finish

To do this, you will need to acquire WhatsApp Business chatbots (an intelligent program that takes WhatsApp users' input and replies to resolve their queries). With the WhatsApp API, you can develop a custom message flow of any size (that includes an entire conversation).

The bots allow you to create an auto-reply for communications like FAQs, a list of customer service hours, or any other responses that will reduce customer wait time. They enable you to provide instant customer solutions without the need for customers to wait on customer service agents.

Automating your message flow will also increase the productivity of your customer service agents. They will be more focused on solving complex issues.

2. Automate Proactive Notification

A significant objective of WhatsApp business automation is to ensure you maintain an unstructured and natural conversation with your customers. You can maintain this natural state of conversations through having proactive notifications.

Using the WhatsApp API requires you to use message templates to send proactive messages to your customers. You can use these notifications to inform your customers of changes to their orders, appointments, and service requests. You can also use the notifications to inform customers of due invoices or payments received.

These notifications will eliminate the need for customers to overburden your customer service agents with follow-up questions. However, you have to secure the consent of individual customers to send proactive notifications. Also, the message template used has to be authorized by WhatsApp.

3. Automate the Sales Process

The use of the WhatsApp chatbot can extend to the automation of your sales process. The bot can be programmed to query the customer's intent, display the product catalog, and assist customers in choosing a product. The bots can go as far as facilitating instant check-out for the customers.

For example, the bots can use custom queries to determine the customer's needs. Based on these needs, the bots suggest the right products for the customer. On the other hand, the bot can be programmed to display catalogs for your customers.

It means that you have a salesperson accessible to your customers 24/7. Think of the number of customers you can manage to convert using this automated process.

4. Integrate Your WhatsApp Business with CRM Application

Now that you have created your automated WhatsApp sales strategy, how do you make it work? Integrating the WhatsApp business with CRM software will enable you to achieve this. The CRM software will help you manage your leads and conversations.

The CRM software will give you a better idea of customer interaction with your brand. The data you collect will be essential in providing effortless after-sale assistance to your customers. It will also allow you to streamline the sales process to eliminate inefficiencies.

Note: when looking for a CRM software to integrate your WhatsApp business, opt for a cloud-based CRM software. Such a cloud-based CRM will enable WhatsApp business usage across several teams.

5. Automate IVR Call Deflection

This automation feature is unique to WhatsApp API. The interactive voice response (IVR) system allows your customers to continue their conversation on WhatsApp. If they agree, it will direct the call to WhatsApp, lessening the load on your service agents.

The feature is ideal for reducing the wait time for customers wanting a faster resolution of their queries. It also allows for the customer to receive more detailed responses.

Automate Your Business Processes Today

Your WhatsApp business automation would run more smoothly on a streamlined system. It will make it easier to integrate with other automation systems in your business, such as the CRM system. You can take the first step towards streamlining your systems by selecting your automation package here.


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