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How to Become a Lifestyle Virtual Assistant in Three Months

You’ll live to tell tales of success when you become a lifestyle virtual assistant. If you are not aware, lifestyle virtual assistants are becoming commonplace in America today. There are so many people trying to juggle work and home lives.

Therefore, while they may have assistance in their businesses or work, they hope to have the same in their personal lives.

According to a study by researchers at the University of North Carolina, marriages involving workaholics are twice likely to end in divorce. And no, we have not switched to marriage counseling. So many people spend so much time on our jobs that we forget our household chores.

That is why a lifestyle virtual assistant is a solution they are seeking. They need a lifestyle virtual assistant who can help them get the most out of their time. We will reveal more about becoming a lifestyle VA right here.

Who is a Lifestyle Virtual Assistant?

The role of a lifestyle virtual assistant is to provide virtual in-person support with a view of helping your clients free up valuable time. They are also referred to as personal PA. When you’re a lifestyle VA, you aim to help clients handle personal/ home-based tasks. Some of the activities you can help them achieve include:

  • Sourcing gifts

  • Personal shopping

  • Calendar management

  • Bill payment

  • Events planning

  • Medical appointments

  • Manage chores

Roles of a Lifestyle Virtual Assistant

Here are some of the essential tasks you will be performing for your clients once you become a lifestyle virtual assistant.

Track Client Expenses and Pay Bills

Every household incurs its own expenses. If not tracked and managed, the family budget is likely to span out of control. Therefore, clients would want someone to help them prepare family budgets and track expenses.

It is one of the time-consuming tasks the heads of a family have to perform. Therefore, you will find more clients looking for a VA to help them streamline their family expenses. Most importantly, they need someone to help them keep track and pay all their bills on time.

Calendar and Event Management

Your client may be a busy person, but that does not mean they don’t have a social life. As a lifestyle virtual assistant, your main task is to manage your client’s social and family life. Your job is to help your clients strike a balance between their work and social life.

Therefore, you will manage their social and family calendar, such as medical appointments, including those of their pets. You will also be tasked with the client’s event management, including the logistics.

Performing Online Tasks

Busy people tend to overspend because they shop for everything almost at the last minute. Thus, they are sometimes forced to pay extra, especially for delivery.

There is where you come in. You can start by performing online research for products and services. Search for businesses offering the products or services your client needs at an affordable price.

Your client may also request you to do online shopping for them. Therefore, you will oversee the ordering process and ensure everything is delivered on time.

Benefits of Being a Lifestyle Virtual Assistant

You now understand the value you will be adding to your clients. But what do you stand to benefit from being a lifestyle virtual assistant?

Time and Freedom

Compared to other virtual assistants, you will be able to enjoy more freedom as a lifestyle virtual assistant. The freedom comes with the benefit of having more time in your hands. Therefore, you can choose to do this as one of your side hassles.

Some lifestyle VAs take advantage of this time and freedom to secure more clients. You can still be a lifestyle VA to more than one client. All you need is a schedule to ensure you dedicate enough time to each client.

The Financial Incentive

Being a lifestyle VA is not only fun but financially rewarding too. Like the other VAs, you can set the hourly rate you want to charge your clients. If you have any technical skills like project management and accounting, you have the potential to earn more by performing technical tasks for your clients.

Lifestyle virtual assistant tip: set up your own company. That way, you can hire associates and serve many clients. It also means that clients can hire your company for more than one service.

How to Become a Lifestyle Virtual Assistant

Being a lifestyle virtual assistant takes a slight from the traditional roles of a virtual assistant. Therefore, you need expert training to understand your roles better and how to better relate with your clients. Finding the right trainer to equip you with the skills you need could make all the difference to your success.

start by mastering communication skills. Most of your tasks will entail managing your client’s general social life. That means dealing with people with whom the client has personal relationships. As you would expect, the client would prefer someone who can make them look good.

Also, you need to learn how to develop networks. Remember, lifestyle VAs are still relatively new. Therefore, you need referrals to help you grow your business. Therefore, you have to keep seeking these referrals from your networks of contacts.

Have you Found a Reputable VA Trainer?

Finding a reputable trainer is the main answer to how to become a lifestyle virtual assistant. You need an expert trainer who understands the skills you need to succeed in this field. Enroll yourself in the Royal VA Academy to gain the skills you need to be a competent lifestyle VA. By enrolling, you become a member of an online community where you can grow the network of contacts you need to find referrals for your new business.

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