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How to Send Automated Texts to Your Contacts

Have you ever researched how to send automated texts to people in your contact list? In case you haven’t, and you’re wondering why you should bother, here is a reason. 70% of mobile phone users read their texts within five minutes while 90% open their texts within thirty minutes.

Now, compare this with the 17% open rate of emails. Which form of marketing would you go for if you want to convert potential buyers into customers? That would definitely be text messages.

But, you don’t need to sit the whole day sending messages to every single person in your contacts. You can now send automated texts within a few clicks to save your time, energy, and opportunity cost. So, here is the process you should follow if you want to be successful with this outbound marketing strategy.

 how to send automated texts

Get a Text Messaging App

To send automated text messages, you have to acquire a messaging app. For example, if you’re an Android user, you can download the SMS scheduler. And if you’re an iPhone user, you can get the Auto SMS reply.

These are just examples. There are more automated text message services out there. The one you choose will depend on the cost and the steps involved in how to send automated texts.

 how to send automated texts

Add Your Contacts

When it comes to sending automated texts, the first step is to add your contacts to the app you chose in the first step above. These are people who have opted-in to your text message marketing. You do not want to add people who are not interested even if they’re on your contacts list as this may create a bad image for your business.

Create and Schedule Your Text Messages

The final step on how to send automated texts is to actually write the message and send it. You ought to be creative with your write to not sound pushy with your sales message. It also needs to be short and straightforward because as you already know, text messages have limited characters compared to automated email marketing.

 how to send automated texts

Need Help with your Automated Texts?

We know you’re a busy entrepreneur with limited time for back-office activities. However, you shouldn’t ignore these activities if they promise to increase your monthly sales figures. Reach out for our expert automation service today and let us help you.


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