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How to Set Up Workflows and Get the Best Out of Dubsado Client Portal

You can deliver a stellar client experience by getting the best out of the Dubsado client portal. And you can achieve it with minimum stress while sparing enough time to accomplish other business goals.

However, it will require you to streamline your workflows for improved efficiency. That means creating a workflow that prioritizes your customer's needs and sets them on a tremendous customer journey.

Here is a guide on setting up such streamlined workflows yourself.

What is a Workflow?

A workflow is a series of automated steps that you follow to complete a task. Dubsado allows you to automate most of your client's workflow processes. It helps you avoid duplicating effort and free up time and resources to focus on other core activities in your business.

Automation with Dubsado allows you to apply workflow to a project and let Dubsado automatically run the steps for you. Your main goal when automating will be to set up the entire client process in Dubsado, from the beginning of your project to the end.

So, let's find out how you do this.

Test the Process Manually

If you visit a professional mechanic, they will want to test your car to have an independent diagnosis of the car's problem. After fixing the problem, they will take the car for a test run to ensure it is functional.

You need to adopt a similar approach for your workflows. The idea is to get an insight into how the system works for both the client and you as the service provider. You will need a sample client email to complete the testing process.

Log into your Dubsado account and send forms or emails into the sample client email. Now use an incognito window to log into Dubsado as a client.

Check to see if you can see the forms and emails you sent as a service provider. Also, perform other checks, such as whether you can sign your contract, book appointments, and even apply a payment to an invoice.

Insert the Steps into a Workflow

The manual testing stage was also an opportunity for you to rehearse the steps involved in your processes. These are the steps you will automate using Dubsado by turning them into a workflow.

The great news is that creating these workflows in Dubsado is unbelievably easy. The process is almost self-explanatory at each stage. However, it would be best to prepare all the client processes you want for the workflow in advance.

You can trigger workflows through the following actions.

  • Completing lead capture form

  • Manually applying a workflow to a project

  • A workflow element being used in a lead capture form

Approve the Steps

One of the email etiquette for customer service is editing emails before sending them. When you have automated your systems, this may not be a necessary step for all emails. However, there are still those that you would prefer to review before you send them to your clients. For example, when you want to add some personalized touch to automated emails.

And it is not just the emails. There are steps in your workflows that you feel may need your approval to ensure everything is working correctly.

In such a case, Dubsado saves you from the hassle of manually keeping track of such workflows. Instead, all you need to do is add a workflow step "Create todo" (assign it a specific name like "Edit {{client.firstName}} 's inquiry email") before the step that needs editing. Dubsado automatically creates the task for you and adds it to your task list on the action you need to perform.

Refine Your Workflow

Did you know that you can refine your workflow even further? You can do this by adding the following to your workflows:

  • Project statuses

  • Tags

  • Todos

Project statuses enable you to organize your projects by categorizing them into various stages of completion. For example, contract sent, deposit paid, proposal sent. It helps you avoid the possibility of Dubsado classifying your projects using default statuses. Tags help you improve the organization of your projects in Dubsado.

Utilize Smart Fields in Your Canned Emails and Forms

Dubsado offers you several default canned emails and the option to create or edit these templates. Canned emails are email templates you can utilize in workflow or send one-offs to your clients.

Dubsado also offers you smart fields (text fields for automatically inputting the relevant information into a field). You will use these when sending your clients emails, proposals, and contracts. They eliminate the need to manually input every detail you need when sending forms or emails to your customers.

Record Personalized Videos to Welcome the New Clients

One of the reasons for automating using Dubsado is to improve your relationships with clients. What other better way to make your new clients feel valued than sending them a personal welcome video?

The welcome video should be different from other new customer emails like the onboarding email or new client checklist.

The video should be brief, informing the customer how grateful you are they chose to work with you. Remember to mention their name in the video to convince them it was specifically for them. Also, remember to add an approval step before they are sent to your customer.

Are You Looking to Get the Best of Dubsado Client Portal?

Automation through Dubsado offers you more possibilities than you can imagine. However, you must always be ready to take advantage of these opportunities.

You will be in a much better position to get the best of Dubsado if you first integrate and streamline your system. And we are the integration experts to help you create your web-based Dubsado form.


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