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SuiteDash Review: Here’s Everything I Love about SuiteDash

As a business owner who has used the platform, I have so much to share about SuiteDash.

My view about SuiteDash is that it is an automation tool designed to give small businesses a fair chance in the largely competitive market. There are amazing automation features you can exploit on SuiteDash to give your business a fighting chance.

Let me explain these features and why I love them for my business and clients.

What is SuiteDash?

SuiteDash is a cloud-based client dashboard that integrates all business automation tools and capabilities for better collaboration with your teams. The platform allows you to streamline your business operations in these areas:

  • Workflow optimization

  • Lead generation and nurturing

  • File storage

  • Feedback collection

  • Subscription management

  • Manage customer relationships

  • Client onboarding

  • Email marketing automation

  • White label branding

SuiteDash helps me increase productivity and effectiveness in my business processes, which should translate to time and cost savings. Here are some features I love most about SuiteDash.

Efficient Client Management

Any business automation decision you make should be geared towards enabling you to serve your customers better. SuiteDash must have gotten this memo, too, given its superb client management features.

SuiteDash allows me to create customized client portals that make customer interactions easy. The portal allows me to manage customer communication and engagement more efficiently.

SuiteDash also simplifies client management through its client segmentation feature. You can easily group your customers based on their stage in your sales funnel. You can classify your contacts as leads, prospects, and clients. Segmenting enables me to be organized and it makes interactions with different people fast and easy.

Classifying your contacts into segments also simplifies your email marketing efforts. You can send customized emails to the respective customers based on their stage in the buyer cycle. For example, a welcome email will work best for your new leads.

Straightforward Client Onboarding

A good onboarding process will go a long way in securing a new customer’s trust in your business. Onboarding creates a good impression on your customer and also makes the customer feel welcome.

SuiteDash lets you create onboarding FLOWs for your new customers. The FLOW is an automated order or steps a new user has to go through before accessing the hub.

Generating a flow is quite easy. Navigate to the FLOWs section of the main menu and click the Create FLOW button. Then select the type of FLOW you want to create, which is the onboarding flow. Follow the next steps to complete your flow.

You can also automate your FLOWs to make them more efficient and fast for the customer. Therefore, each stage should contain a triggered act with a condition(s) the customer must fulfill before being transferred to the next stage.

The first stage of your onboarding process should always be the welcoming stage. As you can see from my example below, my FLOW begins immediately when I enter the customer’s first name in the welcome message.

SuiteDash Reviews - welcome message

Also, take note of the trigger we talked about. In my case, the customer can only proceed to the next stage once they have submitted the onboarding form.

SuiteDash Reviews - onboarding form

Automation with Client Circles

Another feature that will dazzle you on SuiteDash is the client Circles. You can assign Dashboards, files, and portal pages to your contacts based on their Circle affiliation. You do this by selecting Circle in the “Add Contact” configuration of your SuiteDash.

The feature saves time and effort in organizing your contacts, creating client pages, and sharing files. But with Circle, you can further segment your contacts based on their specific needs. For example, as you can see in the example below, I have created a Circle for clients who require my tax preparation services.

SuiteDash Reviews - customizable branding window

Customizable Branding

SuiteDash offers you a similar opportunity through its white-label branding feature. The feature lets you personalize your portal with your preferred colors, logo, and other customizable settings.

Here is a short walkthrough of how you can do this.

Company Settings

It is the section where you add all the details about your business. It is also the section where you customize your privacy controls, such as secure messaging. Think of this section as the base center for all your customizations.

Platform Branding

I know you have already created a logo for your business and chosen your preferred business colors. Now is your chance to put them to good use by customizing your SuiteDash platform.

Consistency is a vital attribute of brand access. You want your customers to seamlessly transition from your website or social media pages to this platform.

Therefore, personalizing the portal with your business logo and brand colors will make the customers feel right at home. It is also an effective strategy to make your brand memorable.

Here is a sample of one of my branded pages on SuiteDash.

SuiteDash Reviews - sample branded page

Custom URL

You can simplify the login process for your clients by creating a custom URL. The URL you create will be consistent in all your page access, including any links you generate for use by your customers. For example, the links you send your customers for proposals or invoices.

Custom Login Page

A custom URL is only fun if you accompany it with a custom login page. When it comes to creating first impressions, the rule is simple; go big or go home.

Ensure you include your logo on the login page and change the background to your brand colors. Most importantly, don’t forget to configure your security settings to make the login more secure for your clients.

Email Branding

Email branding on SuiteDash helps create clarity for your clients. It creates certainty that any SuiteDash notifications your clients receive are coming from your business.

Examples of such notifications include invoice notifications, portal access invitation emails, or file upload notifications. Email branding allows you to set details like the sender’s name, email address, brand colors, and logo.

These features help your emails to avoid landing in the spam folder.

A Personal Mobile App

It sounds much more convenient when clients can access your SuiteDash page from their smartphones. You can offer your clients this privilege by enabling your white-label mobile app using progressive web app technology.

The technology enables the users to install your app onto their phones and use the customized URL and login page you set up for them to access it.

Integration Capabilities

Thanks to technological innovations, you can now enjoy very many business automation tools to improve your business process efficiency. However, you cannot achieve optimum efficiency without streamlined automation systems.

Therefore, one of the essential considerations when choosing an automation tool is integration capabilities. SuiteDash certainly ticks this box; I integrate it with other automation tools like Zapier, Slack, Zoom, and hCaptcha for secure logins.

If you are an accountant like me, you can already be glad it integrates with QuickBooks Online. But there are many more integrations you can make with the help of a secure API.

Pricing Options

Of course, none of these features will make any sense to you as a small business owner if the tool is not affordable. SuiteDash has a way of welcoming you into the fold. They offer you a 14-day trial welcome gift from the following options before you choose your preferred plan.

  • Start Plan - for $19 monthly, you’ll enjoy features like 100GB of file storage, maximum white labeling, and 100GB of email marketing campaigns. It also has an option to upgrade to a higher plan.

  • Thrive plan – for $49 monthly, and on top of the features available on the Start Plan, it also has advanced custom menus, custom folder generators, dynamic proposals, autoresponder drip marketing, deal stage pipelines, and a file storage capacity of 500GB.

  • Pinnacle - for $99 per month, the plan also has the features mentioned in the Thrive plan plus other premium features such as FLOWs automation kit, support tickets toolkit, trigger/action automation, 1TB storage, and LMS learning management.

Get Your Business on SuiteDash Today

I can promise you that you will love so many things about SuiteDash. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Sign up for SuiteDash 14-day trial and test the waters as you decide how much longer you want to keep enjoying all the benefits SuiteDash offers.

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