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Will AI take my Job? The Impact of AI on the Demand for Virtual Assistant

Will AI take my job as a virtual assistant? In the past, this wasn't a significant concern. Then ChatGPT happened, and many people are now in panic mode.

ChatGPT has come when there are massive job losses in the tech industry. Twitter and Facebook laid off thousands of employees at the start of this year. So, your concerns are valid.

However, AI is not all bad news. We believe it’ll create new opportunities for virtual assistants. You just need to know the opportunities and use them in your favor.

Why AI is Replacing Some Virtual Assistants

Jack Welch once said, "Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be." In the spirit of embracing reality, it is wise to revisit the fields where AI has more preference than a virtual assistant. Some of these fields include:

  • Customer service - programs like Alexa and Siri complete tasks on behalf of people within seconds

  • Social media- businesses also use chatbots such as Facebook Messenger bot as online virtual agents to communicate with their customers.

  • General writers- Businesses are now using AI for copywriting. However, unlike the AI virtual assistant, we will see why AI tools are less likely to replace copywriters.

The big question is, why are businesses choosing these AI tools over virtual assistants? Some of the reasons include:

  • 24/7 Responsiveness

  • smart notifications

  • Superior customer support

  • Improved customer engagement due to timely response

  • Cost-effectiveness

Why Virtual Assistants Are Still Relevant to a Business

According to a "Future of Jobs Report" by the World Economic Forum, about 85 million jobs will be lost to automation and technology by 2025. However, the same reports that 97 million more jobs will be created due to humans, machines, and algorithms working together.

And you thought seeing the glass as half full on this matter wouldn't work for you. So, how should you work with AIs to improve your competitive advantage?

1. Offer Personalized Customer Service

While AI virtual assistants provide improved customer experience, it lacks the human touch that leads to creating and sustaining human relationships. Humans are social beings. Everyone yearns for that human interaction. That’s why you can be surrounded by all the interactive AI inventions like Alexa, but you will still feel lonely.

In a recent customer survey, 78% of consumers said they had interacted with a chatbot in the past 12 months. 80% of the surveyed consumers said that chatbots increased their frustration level. 78% of the consumers had to connect with a human after failing to resolve their needs through an automated service channel.

Please note that 78% of consumers had to seek human intervention after failing to resolve their issues with AI. Because of this significant statistic, business owners have been reluctant to automate their customer service functions fully.

Your ability to personalize customer service and develop customer relationships increases the demand for your services among business owners. The AI provides timely responses for frequently asked questions while you help customers resolve deeper issues.

2. Impact on Digital Marketing

In the spirit of giving credit where it is due, you have to give it to AI for how it has transformed how brands connect with their audiences. Marketing automation tools have helped change the way brands interact with target customers.

However, as many business owners have realized, you cannot rely on AI tools alone to achieve your marketing goals. You still need human attention to develop effective marketing strategies and use the right AI tools to implement these strategies.

As a digital marketing VA, utilize marketing AI tools to improve the ROI for your clients. Use AI tools to determine your customer preferences and identify interests. These tools will prove vital to you in creating a perfect buyer persona.

Understand your target customers first so that it may be easy for you to personalize marketing content using AI tools. The intelligent systems will make it easier for you to create better-targeted campaigns with a more significant impact.

Moreover, you can test the impact of your marketing campaign using AI tools like Google analytics. Such tools will provide insights into how your target audience interacts with the marketing content you have developed for your clients.

3. Creative Content Creation

Remember how we said AI copywriting tools would not replace copywriting VAs soon? Given how fast ChatGpt can create a blog article, it may sound like a stretch.

But as many business owners have realized, quality is king when using tools like Copy AI. The same way your professors would tell a plagiarized paper from original work is no different from how your target audience will tell a machine-produced article.

Modern-day customers are informed. Therefore, they’ll quickly tell when your social media posts or blog content lacks the human touch. Customers are less likely to engage with such content. It is why you should never use the copywriting AI tools shortcut when entrusted by a client to develop content for their marketing campaigns.

However, you can still use AI tools to improve the quality of content. For example, use keyword research tools to determine the appropriate keywords for SEO to improve the ranking of the content you create.

Moreover, for better efficiency, use AI to help you determine which content will most likely appeal to your target audience. For example, the Dash Hudson AI software will help you predict the performance of an image or video on a social media platform.

4. Refined Email Marketing

Thanks to AI, companies are getting impressive ROI on email marketing. But that doesn’t mean the impact of email marketing VAs in achieving this ROI can be underestimated. AI has revolutionized email marketing by setting triggers for various actions based on past consumer behavior—for example, an abandoned cart email.

Therefore, you can target the right people with the right content as an email marketer. Note here the keyword is 'right content.' Right content speaks to the customer's specific needs. For example, the content of a welcome customer email cannot be similar to that of an abandoned cart email. Hence, a business owner always requires a competent content writer to create personalized content.

How to Adapt in the Age of AI

When computers replaced typewriters in offices? Most of the workforce using typewriters learned how to use computers and perform their tasks more efficiently. Eventually, when one skill becomes obsolete, you adapt and learn another.

The same can be said with AI. You need to adapt to the changes brought by AI in the virtual assistant industry by doing the following:

  • Learn how to work with the relevant AI tools in your field of specialization – for example, if you are a content writer, know how to use AI for keyword research

  • Understand how to use AI to improve your competitiveness as a virtual assistant

  • Learn how to use AI to study customer behaviors – it will leave you better placed to advise your customers on the best marketing strategies to adopt

  • Learn how to use AI to reduce your VA business costs and improve efficiency

  • Take advantage of AI to conduct market research

  • Use AI to strategize and plan your tasks as a virtual assistant

Learn How Other Virtual Assistants Are Adapting to AI

A problem shared is a problem halved. You stand a better chance of knowing how to adapt to AI changes by knowing how other VAs are adapting to these changes. Chat with other virtual assistants on AI in the Royal VA Community today.

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