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ClickUp is by far my FAVORITE task manager tool! My team and I use it daily to keep us on track with client tasks and project management. Another most used tool is Dubsado which is known for sending some of the best proposals, contracts and invoices.


The common pain point is setting up Dubsado - so we made it easier! By using this buildout template you'll never miss a step in setting up Dubsado. It's a complete step-by-step guide that walks you through the entire setup process.


This template can easily be copied into your ClickUp account and can be used as many times as needed!


Spoiler Alert: Dubsado is a great tool for sending professional proposals, creating contracts, and generating invoices automatically. ClickUp is a great tool for linking modules and creating a seamless workflow. Put them together and you have a faster and better proposal system than you could ever build from scratch!


Not sure if this Buildout Template is what you need or feeling overwhelmed? We can set it up from you! Connect with us for some help by scheduling time to chat!


ClickUp | Dubsado Buildout Template

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