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The concept of optimizing systems for higher productivity and improved overall performance revolves around maximizing the effective utilization of available resources.


Navigating the demands of entrepreneurship and the pursuit of a fulfilling personal life while enabling individuals to thrive in both professional and personal spheres.


Marie Lewis, Business Process Consultant at Royal Executive Assistant Inc., stands as a testament to the power of divine positioning in the business world. With a mission rooted in her faith, she is dedicated to mastering the chaos of business operations, crediting her achievements and abilities to the guidance and support of God. Her expertise in creating streamlined processes and executing tasks amplifies CEOs' abilities to focus on visionary leadership and growth, all while acknowledging her divine role as a supporter.

As a systems strategist, Marie guides business leaders to uncover and maximize their potential, balancing a harmonious work-life dynamic and personal growth. Her insights lead individuals and organizations not only to achieve their goals but to revolutionize operational efficiency and attain equilibrium.

Her passion for creating a positive impact extends beyond professional boundaries. Guided by unwavering faith and a moral compass, Marie is committed to helping individuals lead fulfilling lives and contribute to a better world, while living authentically, pursuing passions, and fostering meaningful connections.

Marie's zest for life is evident in her love for outdoor adventures, cultural travels, and cherishing moments with loved ones, contributing to her personal growth and development. Living by "When life doesn't go as expected, yell 'plot twist' and keep pushing," she embodies resilience and inspiration, striving to empower others to embrace a purposeful life.

In her continuous growth, Marie values feedback and healthy debates, essential for her development as a communicator and leader. She exemplifies God's love, mercy, and grace, ensuring her thoughts, words, and actions reflect her beliefs. As she expands her reach, Marie continues to uplift others, embodying true leadership and positive change, all made possible through God's positioning of her as a supporter and guide.

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"It began with my joy in pulling computers apart and putting them back together as a child. It was second nature to me."

Mastermind Your Life

Marie is an expert with her experience and education, and her “Empathy and Efficiency” is the foundation for Royal Executive Assistant LLC. 

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Computer Programming
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Dubs-In Community

SuiteDash is a Client Portal that streamlines your business by providing all the tools you need to improve customer relationships, provide faster support, and better manage your business.

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All Things Streamlining and Operations to Simplify Your Business

Marie delves into the world of streamlining and operations, aiming to simplify your business processes and supercharge your efficiency.

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