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2 Simple Ways to Earn More Working Only Four Days a Week as a VA

Are you among those looking for simple ways to earn more while working less? According to the labor department, 31% of workers are unwilling to return to their previous jobs. The reason for this wave is that many American employees realized they did not want to go back to "the norm" after the pandemic. 

Workers do not simply want to go back to offices. Some find it to be either boring or too much pressure, while others fear for their safety because the pandemic is still around.

Many have turned to virtual assistance because of the freedom it offers. But more importantly, they are drawn by the fact that they can earn more income working fewer hours.

If you’re one of these, here are two ways you can start using today to earn more while working only four days a week.

simple ways to earn more

Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the most flexible tasks a VA can do. As a social media manager, your role is to help businesses to build and sustain a strong social media presence.

You will be tasked with performing roles such as:

  • Posting on social media

  • Updating profiles

  • Developing and launching social media campaigns

  • Reaching out to potential customers

The beauty of it is that you can use social media tools to schedule content for the whole week in advance. Therefore, you can take a break on Fridays or any other day you choose knowing that the tools will publish the content in your absence.

Content Production

Businesses need content to maintain engagement with their customers. That means that they need a VA who can deliver blogs, e-books, social media content and publications.

If you train yourself well, you can produce this content without too much hassle. Other things you can produce in four days include:

  • Developing infographics

  • Keyword research

  • Proofreading and editing

simple ways to earn more

Are You Ready to Earn the Extra Income?

From the above, we’ve shown you how you can earn more working only four days a week. But how do you create a VA business that will attract enough clients? Check out the Royal VA goldmine for more details on how to set up a successful VA business.

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