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4 Onboarding Best Practices 2022 for Online Businesses

What onboarding best practices 2022 are you aware of? Before you answer, here is why we are asking.

Your business should not be stagnant since it operates in a changing business environment. As times and methods change, so should your business; if you want it to survive.

Currently, more people are leaving their traditional jobs to work remotely. That means many businesses are now operating online with both their customers and employees.

With this trend, you need to understand the best practices to onboard employees in 2022. Find out some of these practices below and adopt them to make things easier and efficient in your business.

  1. Make Your Onboarding Process Digital

Gone are the days when companies used to onboard employees by asking them to fill out a physical form. While the physical onboarding checklist used to be simple, with an online business, it is not possible to ask employees to visit your office to fill a mere form.

Even if people were willing, nowadays, you don’t need a physical location to operate your business. That’s why you need to digitize the whole onboarding process.

It is the only way that makes sense, especially if you’re hoping to hire remote employees or virtual assistants from around the world.

We recommend Honeybook or Dubsado online software for onboarding your employees and even clients. They are simple to understand and will make your whole process faster, more efficient, and save you hundreds of hours every year.

  1. Personalize the Onboarding Process

How do you like when people refer to you by your name instead of “you?” Many people get irritated when you call them you instead of using their names. If you keep doing it, people may misjudge you and not want to work with you for just that reason.

That’s why we suggest personalizing the onboarding process. It enables you to set the right mood for your new hires, and it makes them want to work in your company even more.

Maybe you’re asking, ‘but how can I personalize the process if it will all be online?’ we’ve got you. Here are five ways you can personalize your onboarding process and make it exciting for your new employees:

  • Refer to them by their first name in your emails.

  • Send them a personalized welcome card.

  • Ask your employees to introduce themselves in your email blasts.

  • Say something about their strengths in your welcome packet and how glad you are that they’re bringing these strengths into the company.

  • Ask for their birthdays so you can send them gifts/e-cards/wishes.

  1. Communicate Your Company Culture and Expectations

Unlike a traditional office where you’ll have many chances to set expectations, and employees can learn about the company culture, with an online business, your only chance to make things clear is during the onboarding process.

If you wait to communicate these details after the onboarding process, it may be too late. And your remote team may have already formed an unexpected judgment about your organization.

Some of the things you can communicate about your organization culture include: how many times you organize team meetings in a week, times when the team is expected to be online, whether people should dress up for meetings, channels of communication, and whether your company observes holidays.

It is important to set things clear at the onboarding stage to avoid confusion that may affect your business in other ways.

  1. Check in on Your New Hires Frequently

Another onboarding best practices 2022 is checking in on your new hires. It is important to check on them because everything is online. And they have no one by their side to ask questions when they have some.

Therefore, in the first two weeks, it would help if you check on them a little more often than you do with employees who’ve been around for a while.

We recommend checking in with your new hires at least three times each week for two to three weeks. You are the best judge in this case. So, if you feel that your new hire is ready within the first week, then there is no need to keep checking up on them every day. It may turn out to be annoying for your new employee. And you don’t want things between you to turn ugly that early.

Create an Efficient Onboarding Process Today

If you’re not already using these onboarding best practices 2022 in your onboarding process, it’s time to make changes. The first thing you need to do is digitize your process if it’s not already online. Get in touch for assistance with digitizing your onboarding process because we know it may be a pain the first time. We’ll help you make it simple and automate the things that will save you time.


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