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4 Reasons Tax Preparers Should Use Onboarding Automation Software

Tax season is the time you need onboarding automation software the most in your business. The software is the reason some businesses are able to attract new clients quickly and retain them. These businesses have learned how to harness technology to improve their competitive advantage.

And now, it is the right time for you to take advantage and enjoy the benefits of using this strategy. The onboarding software helps integrate functions in a digital dashboard that will enable you to monitor new client incorporation progress. Below, we will discuss why using onboarding automation software is good for you as a tax preparer.

onboarding automation software

How Do You Automate Your Client Onboarding Process?

To achieve your onboarding automation goals, you need to define your business model first. Every technology you employ in your business should contribute to value addition. Therefore, you need to understand the level of services you want to provide your customers.

In addition, you need to be aware of using external technical expertise, applications, or programs to help implement your onboarding strategy. Such programs include QuickBooks, client file-sharing programs, and tax applications.

Benefits of Onboarding Automation Software

1. Save Time and Money

Reducing costs is one of the key financial goals of any business owner. Onboarding automation software puts you on the right course to achieving this objective. Imagine the amount of time and employees required to manually input new client data. Manual process consumes a lot of administrative hours.

Automating the process helps save on these administrative hours. Therefore, this time can be used in performing other value-adding tasks in the businesses. It also means that the need to hire administrative employees is eliminated, savings your business on labor costs.

2. Improve Customer Experience

Onboarding automation benefits extend to your clients too. It simplifies the process through which they submit their information to you. It also ensures the transition process is smooth for them.

Moreover, automation enables you to create a workflow that will automatically send the new client any information they require. Therefore, it also creates a means to automate your communication process.

onboarding automation software

3. It Helps in Centralization and Simplification of Paperwork

One of the complications of onboarding a new client is endless paperwork. Automation of the onboarding process minimizes redundancies by using online forms that collect needed information from the clients.

Automating your onboarding process will require you to use tools like FileInvite. Among the uses this tool can be used for is collecting and managing documents from your clients. Your clients can use their e-signatures to access essential documents from the centralized platform.

4. Simplify Client Document Submission

Tax preparers often require their clients to submit various documents necessary to prepare and file returns. Your clients may find it inconvenient if they have to physically present these documents to your office. Also, sending them via mail may cause delays, proving costly, especially during the tax season.

You can improve sending these documents by automating the submission process. You can look for an application or program that helps clients submit their documents through an online process.

You can then link this software to the onboarding software using Zapier. The tool enables you to automatically integrate all the web applications you use for your tax preparation business.

Need Help Setting Up Your Onboarding Software?

Onboarding automation could prove to be a crucial step towards achieving a competitive edge in your tax preparation business. It is vital in attracting new clients into your business by making a great first impression. Therefore, feel free to consult with us for help setting up and integrating your onboarding software to improve efficiency in your business.


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