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4 Ways to Segment Email Subscribers for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

If you want to automate your email marketing campaigns, it is important that you segment your customers based on their interests. Segmentation will help you set up your automations correctly so that each email lands in the hands of the right customers.

You do not want to waste your time automating emails only to find out you didn’t send them to the right clients. Therefore, before you do any automations, here are four ways to segment your customers to get the best results.

email marketing campaigns

Segment Subscribers by Location

The strategy is self explanatory. It means that you segment clients based on location such as county or state. Such segmentation will help you when running campaigns by location.

For example, if you are a multinational brand, you would want to separate Asian clients from the US customers. The segmentation will help you determine who to send Christmas email promos to and who you shouldn’t waste time including in the list.

Segment Subscribers by Product/Service

Different customers are attracted to your business because of certain products. Therefore, segmenting clients by product will ensure that you promote products to customers who are interested in them.

email marketing campaigns

Segment Subscribers by Behavior

The truth is that customers have different levels of interest in your business. Some are excited to receive your emails every time while others check emails only on specific occasions.

Therefore, you have a chance to broadcast emails regularly to the customers who love your communication as opposed to those that don’t care to open your emails.

Segment Subscribers by Device

Another way to send successful email marketing campaigns is to separate customers by the device they use. For example, you can separate Android subscribers from iPhone subscribers if this would be relevant in your business.

email marketing campaigns

Clean Your List and Automate Email Promos Today

Are you ready to segment your email subscribers list and send automated email promos? Schedule a call with us today. We will help you automate your promos for a full year.


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