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5 Benefits of B2B Marketing Automation for Your Company

What would you say are the greatest benefits of B2B marketing automation? There is no shortage of answers on this. Some of these answers are informed by theory, while others are from experience.

Statistics by HubSpot revealed that 76% of companies reported to have adopted marketing automation in 2021. On the other hand, about 68% of B2B marketers reported using marketing automation. There have to be logical reasons why such a large number of companies and marketers would invest in marketing automation.

Today, we will be exploring the benefits these companies and marketers are looking to achieve. But first, let’s first understand the concept of marketing automation.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is an umbrella term for software, tools, and platforms that automate, streamline and measure workflows and tasks to increase operational efficiency. Such automation includes lead generation campaigns, social media post scheduling, and email marketing campaigns.

It allows you as a marketer to implement a digital marketing strategy without having to go through the traditional manual process. B2B marketing automation will help your team maintain productivity and efficiency while nurturing leads. The following are the benefits of marketing automation.

1. Lead Generation Process Automation

Did you know that marketing and automation software generates leads and contacts based on sales readiness? Imagine having to rely on the manual analysis process to generate leads based on a similar criterion?

There is a reason top marketers rely on marketing automation software to generate their leads. You can always tell whether your business is generating quality leads based on the sales readiness scores generated by this software.

B2B marketing automation allows you to conduct personalized lead nurturing. The analytics of the automation software enables you to understand how your target customers behave online, including what drives them to make purchasing decisions. With this information in hand, you will be able to develop personalized content that will interest the target customer.

2. Automate Existing Workflows

Did you know that you can improve productivity by minimizing the number of human errors by your employees? B2B marketing automation leverages workflow automation to automate your sales and marketing activities. Here are ways automating your workflows can help you.

  • Save time on repetitive tasks

  • Increase staff productivity

  • Minimize human errors

  • Create streamlined communications

Such workflows are a result of completed trigger actions. Therefore, they help save you a great deal of time by avoiding repetitive tasks.

3. Marketing and Sales Alignment

Have you ever noticed that the sales and marketing teams work like rival departments in certain organizations? That should not be the case because you are working towards serving and generating revenue from the same customers.

Using marketing automation changes the dynamics of these relationships by combining these functions into one software. Teamwork aligns marketing and sales goals and efforts. Statistics show that marketing automation can result in a 14.5% increase in sales productivity while producing a 12.2% reduction in marketing overheads. Such is just a representation of what your business can achieve when aligning these two functions into one software.

Remember how we said that the marketing automation software generates sales-readiness scores? Such reports improve efficiency in the sales and marketing pipeline. The same reports help identify sales opportunities that both teams can exploit.

4. Generate Measurable ROIs for Your Marketing Strategy

No business has enough resources to experiment with numerous marketing campaigns to determine which will produce better ROI. Luckily, your marketing automation software can help you track data and efficiently analyze ROI.

You can use the same software to streamline your marketing processes and maximize marketing efforts to drive revenue. Moreover, it will help you develop better marketing strategies.

5. Increase Conversion Rates

Marketing automation generates quality leads and provides insights into target customer purchasing behavior. Such insights allow for creating tailored marketing strategies that target individual leads. For example, through digital marketing for e-commerce, you can create automated marketing campaigns that target your audience at every sale funnel stage.

Moreover, the software will allow you to analyze your marketing strategy to determine whether it is working. It will also help you track your leads and will enable you to retarget website visitors who do not convert.

Are You Looking to Enjoy Benefits of B2B Marketing Automation for Your Company?

It cannot be denied that automation is shaping today’s marketing industry. You, too, can enjoy these benefits by implementing your B2B marketing automation. All you need is our expert help to automate and streamline your systems to the latest industry standards.


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