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5 Benefits of Building Your Own Client Portal

It would be beneficial to embrace the idea of building your own client portal to streamline most of your business processes. It is one of the business automation processes that will support your business growth without the need for extra labor.

Recent customer experience trends indicate that 69% of customers want to resolve the issues they have on their own. Their rationale is that this approach saves time for your business on simple issues.

And if you are still in doubt, remember that your customers want it. The customer experience trend report also indicates that over 88% of customers expect brands to have an online self-service support portal.

Your customers want you to put power into their hands by giving them access to information anytime they need it.

What is a Client Portal?

A client portal is a dedicated hub where customers manage their relationships with your business. It is a no-code website that companies create for collaboration with their clients. Every customer has their own unique user ID and password for accessing their client portal.

From your customer perspective, it is a hub where they can engage, communicate, and get customer services from your business. Your customers log into this portal to access gated content or private information associated with them.

A client portal helps you streamline and automate processes for managing projects and customer service. For that reason, it should integrate seamlessly with all other systems and applications that you use.

The integration aspect brings us to the point of how you can build your own client portal cost-effectively.

Cloud-based Client Portal

A cloud-based client portal is a solution to creating a customer portal inexpensively. If you are already using SuiteDash, this should be an easy feat for you.

SuiteDash is a SaaS tool that will provide you with a reliable and secure base from which you can build your client portal. The good thing about using SuiteDash is that it eliminates the need of building your client portal from scratch.

You can also be able to customize your client portal using SuiteDash including your business logo and color scheme. It also allows you to integrate projects, task management, CRM, and other functionalities into your client portal.

In the following section, we will discuss some of the benefits of creating your customized customer portal.

Creating a Better Customer Experience

Customers want you to pass on some power to them so that they can solve some of the small issues they face without having to contact your business.

The benefits of this shared power will be felt by you and your customers. It will save the time required to address certain customer issues, which translates to improved customer satisfaction.

You have the freedom to determine the amount of data and information you make accessible to your customers on the client portal. Therefore, there is no reason for your customers not to enjoy excellent customer service every time they visit the portal.

Improved Customer Involvement

A proven way of improving customer experience is improving customer involvement in customer service. A customized client portal can help you achieve that.

Your portal can allow customers to submit requests and get the assistance they need without having to be put on hold or in the queue to speak to a customer service agent. Your client portal should make it possible for your customer service staff to respond to customer inquiries before they escalate to issues.

Your portal should also be interactive for maximum customer engagement. It should be the place your customers log into when they want information about new product releases or want to learn about offers and any other information that concerns them. Integrating a chatbot into your client portal will also help improve the portal's interactivity.

The portal should also allow them to leave comments about the services they receive or features they would want to be added to the portal. It is the one place you can be guaranteed customers will offer honest feedback.

Improve Collaboration

A client portal can form a good basis for collaboration with your customers. Clients can collaborate with your employees to complete their projects on time.

It makes it possible for your employees to work on multiple client projects. Clients can log into their portal and assess the progress of their projects. That creates a perfect opportunity for them to discuss their projects with the employees working on them.

The collaboration feature in client portals allows for the personalization of customer services. You will only share customers specific to each client on their respective portals.

Improved Security

One of the largest concerns for customers transacting online with your business is the security of their data. Even if you are skeptical of sharing your financial or personal information on every other site.

However, that should not be a concern your customers should have when using your client portal. And there is no reason they should be concerned in you are using the SuiteDash cloud-based portal that has SSL encryption.

Moreover, you hold the right to set the various level of access in the client portal. You can set permissions so that certain users have more access rights compared to others. For example, you can assign administrative privileges to certain users.

Such levels of security allow for the secure sharing of files and data with your customers, which contributes to improved collaboration with your clients.

Streamline Your Business Processes with SuiteDash Today

Your success journey has to begin by automating and streamlining your business systems. Select an automation package here and let us offer you the freedom you deserve through automation.

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