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5 Best Apps for Virtual Assistants to Grow their Businesses

You can build a six-figure virtual assistant business when you start using the five best apps for virtual assistants.

As soon as you start your business, it’s necessary to start using these apps for two main reasons. First, you’ll master how to use them hence, you won’t struggle when you have a client project.

Secondly, mastering the apps will increase your likelihood of landing a client. Clients now want to hire only skilled professionals who know how to use the apps. Because only a few businesses may be willing to set aside a budget for training.

Here are the five apps you can master today and be on your way to building a six-figure VA business.

best apps for virtual assistants


Click-up is a project management software that will make your work easier. With it, you can organize your work by client or project. The tool also has a timer that you can use if you’re charging your clients by the hour. Click-up also has superior workflows that make it easy and efficient.


Trello is yet another project management software that virtual assistants use almost every day. Like Click-up, it allows you to organize your workspaces. You can create a workspace with various dashboards that represent your clients or projects.

Trello also has cards that are also efficient in helping you get organized.


Slack is mostly a communication tool. If you’re working with a team of VAs, Slack will help you communicate with the team. You can also set up automations between Slack and Click-up or Slack and Trello to receive updates and reminders.

best apps for virtual assistants


Canva has become a critical tool for virtual assistants in the design space. You can use it to create everyday graphics like social media icons, templates, and more.


For most virtual assistants, they first get in touch with clients via email. It is through email that you’ll send your clients proposals, agreements, and other critical information about your working relationship.

best apps for virtual assistants

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