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5 Clickup Automation Examples to Grow Your Small Business

In the current business environment, you need to know ClickUp automation examples that can help you grow your small business. ClickUp has a bold slogan, "Save one day every week. Guaranteed." For a business offering such a bold guarantee, you should find out whether you have taken full advantage of the platform.

There is a reason ClickUp has adopted this powerful slogan. The platform markets itself as a productivity tool offering several time-saving features. They aim to help their clients achieve profitability through more productivity. ClickUp wants to help you avoid wasting your time performing routine, recurring tasks that may reduce your productivity.

In a business, saving time on non-essential tasks is vital to achieving efficiency. It means that you will have more time to spend on other value-adding tasks. Now, who doesn't want that in their business?

Therefore, your curiosity about more areas you can automate with ClickUp is valid. Let’s review those examples and see whether you got all angles covered in your business.

Source: Clickup

Why is Automation Good for Your Business?

In a study conducted among small businesses, 88% of the small business owners claimed that automation enables them to compete with larger businesses effectively. Investing in innovative technologies enables small businesses to achieve efficiency in resource utilization. That offers you a competitive advantage over the big firms.

Automation will help you increase the productivity of your employees while minimizing or eliminating duplication of effort.

Automation also reduces the number of employees required in your firm. Even better, it will help you eliminate the need for permanent employees. Instead, you can rely on virtual assistants to help you perform most tasks.

The following are examples of areas you can automate on ClickUp

1. ClickUp Dashboards

ClickUp offers over 15 views, including Kanban boards, calendars, timelines, and lists. Therefore, it offers you options to visualize your tasks and perform tasks such as:

  • Gather information from various locations into a single view

  • Provide clients with access to certain need-to-know information while restricting access to other features or details.

  • Provide information to your virtual assistants on various tasks

  • Filter information that does not need to be shown in a given situation.

Some automation features you can take advantage of on the ClickUp dashboard include setting up a client portal for all your customers. The portal will eliminate the need for regular meetings with your clients to update them on the progress of their projects. It will also enable clients to track the progress of their projects, add tasks to the to-do list and chat with you at their convenience.

When creating this portal, ensure that you automate the notifications. Having automatic notifications will enable you to know when your clients set up new tasks. Therefore, you will include these tasks in your schedule and deliver them on time.

2. Automate Repeating Processes

Are you looking to create custom fields on your ClickUp? Automating your repeating processes will help make creating these tasks appear seamless. You can set triggers to facilitate these custom fields only apply to the specific folders you have created for your tasks.

Here is how to do it.

  • Go to the right folder you want to create the custom fields.

  • Click on automate and navigate to the Manage tab.

  • Click the "create automation" button and set the parameters for the automation you want to trigger.

  • Once the task is created, set a custom field and assign the task to one of your VA.

3. Customizable Workflows

Some of the task management tools available in the market will only allow you to know the status of your tasks. For example, you can tell when a task is "in progress" or "complete."

However, ClickUp workflow automation kicks the status feature a notch higher. It allows you to track the tasks through the various status and customize each workflow to reflect the activities undertaken at each stage. For example, a sales workflow may be in progress, but ClickUp will notify you of the specific actions taking place, such as an offer that has been made.

Such specific notification of a workflow will enable you to make better, more informed decisions on the firm.

4. Move Tasks by Stages

Without automation, you would have to move the tasks on ClickUp manually. You can now automate the process to enable tasks to be moved to the applicable list when the need arises. Here is how you achieve this automation.

  • Click on automate and head to the manage tab.

  • Click the automation button and then set the parameters of the ClickUp automation you want to trigger.

  • After the custom field changes, move to the list in the works.

  • When Custom Field changes, change the status to Complete.

5. Docs on ClickUp

One feature that distinguishes ClickUp from other project management tools is docs. The feature allows you to streamline external and internal communication with a few tools through the stand-alone document center. Among the tasks you can perform using this feature include:

  • Adding real-time comments to docs to allow remote collaboration

  • Adding tasks

  • Inserting tables, gifs, and videos

  • Sharing and managing permissions internally

  • Collating hashtags

  • Team meetings

  • Planning research

  • Managing content ideas

  • Team meetings

You are guaranteed more time saving if you can automate all these tasks using Docs. Time will be saved through reduced meetings with your staff and clients. It also enables you to manage all your templates and business standard operating procedures (SOPs) on a single platform.

Did you know that you can also use Docs to host a team's SOPs? Hosting them here creates a great reference point for your team. It also allows you to include links to processes and other vital information for your team to access on Doc.

Install These ClickUp Automation Examples Now

Your small business cannot afford to waste resources by engaging in manual tasks and duplication of efforts. Luckily, we have presented examples of automating your business using ClickUp. To enjoy benefits, we will help you integrate and streamline your business now.

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