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5 Places to Create Your Virtual Assistant Services Landing Page

As a newbie, you need to embrace the idea of creating your virtual assistant services landing page even if you don’t have the budget for a website. Because clients in the industry want to see that you’re organized so they can trust that you’ll do the same for their businesses.

Therefore, your main job at this point is to identify a landing page builder that’ll help you outline your services clearly. But we understand you may not have an idea of the tools to use because you’re still new to working online.

Hence, below we’ll discuss 5 landing page builders that you can start using today.

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is a drag-and-drop landing page builder, hence meaning it’s one of the easiest to use. As soon as you sign up, choose a template to start with. Then drag and drop items around until they fit what you want.

If you already understand how to create landing pages, you can also use the classic editor that’s a bit more complex. We love that Unbounce does not limit you to only one way of designing your landing page.

Here are some pro tips for designing your page with Unbounce:

  • It allows you to create multiple variations of a page. Take advantage of the multiple pages to create pages for all your services.

  • Use the opt-in email pop-ups to collect emails from your potential customers then nurture through a sales funnel so they can want to work with you.

  • Take advantage of the new tool called Smart Traffic that directs traffic to your best-performing variation of the landing page.

The only disadvantage of using Unbounce is that its free plan lacks critical features such as integrations and redirects.

2. Carrd

Carrd is a one-page website builder. It’s perfect for freelancers with a low budget as it’s completely free. Once you sign up, you can start customizing your landing page from hundreds of templates and have your page ready within minutes.

We love Carrd because it’s responsive. Once you create your landing page on a desktop, it automatically optimizes it for mobile. Thus, you save the time it’d take to go back in and optimize your page for mobile.

Some pros of Carrd include:

  • It’s a drag-and-drop page builder, hence easy to learn.

  • All its core features are free.

  • Its premium package costs only $19/year which is more affordable than page builders with premium monthly packages.

The downside is that you have to pay for the premium package to enjoy features like Google analytics and to add custom domain names.

3. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a great page builder for virtual assistants who want to put more effort into email marketing. It enables you to create landing pages that collect emails from prospects.

Then you can nurture your subscribers through its email automation to convert leads into buyers.

We love ConvertKit as it offers the following benefits:

  • It has a variety of themes and templates to choose from.

  • It has a free plan that doesn’t require a credit card to get started.

  • It offers powerful integration features with other tools, hence is great for automating your business.

  • It has thousands of images that you can use for free.

The downside of ConvertKit is that it is not completely flexible. With some of its themes, you will be forced to maintain images at certain positions. You cannot move the images around as you wish.

4. Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages is another easy-to-use landing page builder. It’s a drag-and-drop builder that will help you organize your virtual assistant services like a pro. In addition, it is powerful in that it enables you to create powerful calls to action.

And we all know that the call to action is one of the most critical elements of a landing page that’ll convert leads to buyers.

It’s unique in that it allows you to create swipeable pages for mobile and tablet. So that instead of scrolling down a page, your leads will swipe just like they do on Instagram. We believe this feature is great for increasing conversions.

Other great benefits of the landing page builder include:

  • It has a free plan.

  • It has templates to get you started easily as opposed to starting on a blank page.

  • It has analytics that helps you track your traffic and conversions.

The downside is that just like other page builders, you may be forced to upgrade to premium to enjoy some critical features.

5. Wix

Wix is a friendly website builder as well as a landing page builder for beginners. It has a powerful drag-and-drop capability as you can move anything wherever you want it.

With Wix, you can have your services ready within minutes. Then, later on, you can add more pages to it to create a beautiful website.

Some pros of Wix include:

  • Has hundreds of templates to choose from.

  • It allows you to choose from over fifty payment methods.

  • Its pages are responsive and don’t require you to have complex web design skills.

The downside is that the drag-and-drop feature may seem a bit complicated for virtual assistants who want to create intuitive landing pages from scratch.

Join Our Community to Learn More

Your landing page is only the beginning of your virtual assistant journey. Having it doesn’t mean clients will start flowing your way. You need to have other skills that clients expect you to have so they can trust you. Join the Royal VA Community to learn more of what’s needed to become successful.

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