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5 Reasons a General VA Should Partner with a Creative Virtual Assistant

As a general virtual assistant, one of the best decisions you can make is to partner with a creative virtual assistant. Creative VAs have a great eye for design and also possess high levels of creativity.

Besides, creative VAs are well-versed in different platforms and they can use their creativity and design skills to assist you with any task that requires creativity.

If you already partner with a creative VA, great! And if you still haven’t, find out 5 compelling reasons why you need to work with one below.

What are the Roles of a Creative VA?

Even before we highlight why collaboration between the two VAs matters, here are some of the roles of a creative virtual assistant:

  • Designing graphics for marketing and advertising

  • Editing images and videos

  • Website design

  • Branding

  • Designing presentations

  • Creating content for your social media pages

  • Creation of infographics

  • Creating Pinterest boards

Roles of a General Virtual Assistant

The typical tasks that a general VA performs include:

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Managing email accounts

  • Making phone calls

  • Data entry

Reasons Why General and Creative VAs Should Partner

Now that we’re on the same page about the roles of general and creative VAs, let’s dive into why the two should partner. Here are 5 reasons.

1. To Complete a Variety of Tasks Fast

Both a general virtual assistant and a creative assistant aren’t limited to performing a few narrow functions. Depending on the needs of your business, they can perform many tasks for you at once or step in and help you out when you need them.

While you’re making phone calls on behalf of your clients, you could outsource graphic design and writing tasks to your creative virtual assistant. That way, you get more things done for your clients simultaneously.

2. To Accomplish More at a Cheaper Cost

The truth is that you may not be able to do everything for your clients even if you wanted to. At such times, the option you have is to refer your clients to people who can do things that you can’t such as writing or building sales funnels.

However, as a business owner, you ought to think of ways to make your general VA business profitable. One way is to partner with a creative person who will charge you less than the amount you’re charging your clients. Thus, you pay them for tasks they help with and keep the balance as your profit.

Remember, when the time comes, the creative VA may also need you to help with general tasks for their clients. And you would charge them lower so they can also make a profit from the agreement. So you can see the main idea is to get more done for your clients. The profit comes as a bonus.

3. Increased Customer Retention

As a general VA, you want the best for your clients and their customers. When you partner with a creative who helps you fulfill this need, you are both able to retain your clients in the long term. Hence, you are guaranteed more work in the future compared to a generalist who works alone and does nothing to make their client’s experiences superior.

4. Increased Personal And Business Growth

As a small business owner, motivating yourself to do the things that help grow your business without feeling overwhelmed can prove to be challenging. This is where a partnership with a creative VA can be extremely helpful.

They’re personally invested in helping your business succeed and will work hard to help you achieve the results you want. Besides, they’ll have an outsider’s perspective on your business and won’t be afraid to inform you when something isn’t working.

5. Sharing Ideas

Creative virtual assistants have usually worked with a range of businesses. Thus, they may give you a wealth of ideas to help you grow your business. You may also share with the VA ideas that you have seen working for you so they can implement them in their business. if you are looking to partner with a creative right away, find out what makes a good virtual assistant.

Learn More about Building a VA Business

Evidently, the roles of general and creative VAs are different. This is what makes their collaboration extremely useful for any business. Join our community now for more insights on how to build a successful general or creative VA business.

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