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5 Small Business Automation Apps For Social Media

Today, any organization that doesn’t use business automation apps may lose a big market share. Also, small businesses that take advantage of social media marketing are likely to grow fast compared to traditional businesses.

Some businesses have found the secret to ramping up their marketing campaigns on social media, and that is automation. Through automation, these businesses are now posting content regularly, and that keeps their relationship with customers alive. That’s compared to traditional marketing where a customer interacted with a business only when they visited the physical premises or through TV adverts.

Here are five social media automation apps you can take advantage of today to market your small business.

business automation apps

Instead of managing your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn separately, Buffer makes it possible to manage all these platforms in one place. The app has a free and premium plan.

So, you can choose your plan depending on the number of social media accounts you’re managing for your business.

small business automation apps

If your small business is on Facebook only, you can use the Facebook Business Suite app that the social platform launched recently. The advantage is that it allows you to create, post, and schedule posts for both Instagram and Facebook.

The automation app also provides you with insights so you can know which posts are doing well, the best time to post, and who is reacting to your captions.

business automation apps

If you’re concerned about how your Instagram feed will look, then you may consider this app. Later enables you to organize your feed and manage all platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter.

The app also gives hashtag suggestions for Instagram, and you can save a pool of hashtags to use for your next posts. Hence, it saves you the time for finding new hashtags every time you want to schedule a post.

small business automation apps

In this age where people mention your brand everywhere on social media, Awario helps you keep up with every mention. It is a social listening tool that monitors platforms such as Twitter and YouTube for keywords and brand names.

Therefore, with this automation tool, you won’t miss out on anything people say about your brand online.

business automation apps

Google Sheets is a useful application for planning your content calendar. You can plan a whole year’s calendar using the app. And it has a sharing ability; so, if you have a virtual assistant, you can share the calendar with them.

The assistant will then be able to perform their tasks efficiently. With the calendar, you won’t have to worry about forgetting holidays and other important days for your business.

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Need Help with Social Media Automation?

You may not be an automation expert, but that shouldn’t prevent you from using these important apps. See how I can help you automate your marketing effort using these and more apps here.


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