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5 Virtual Assistant Skills You Need to Grow Your Business

There’s been a surge in the number of people with virtual assistant skills in 2021. Interestingly, 82% of virtual assistants who are already working and those who want to join this field are female. So, if you’re a female wanting to be a VA, you need more than social media or email management skills.

If you train yourself in the skills that people rarely talk about, yet are critical to your job, you’ll see yourself signing clients every month. But which skills are we talking about? Follow below to see these five important skills you need to become a successful virtual assistant.

virtual assistant skills

Customer Service Skills

Business owners hire virtual assistants to help them serve their customers efficiently. So, if you don’t have customer service skills when dealing with your clients, they won’t be convinced that you’ll be the right person to help them with their customers.

So, customer service should be among the top virtual assistant skills to hone if you want to break into this industry and beat the competition.

Project Management Skills

You should know that the moment you start looking for virtual assistant jobs for beginners, in a few months, you’ll be dealing with more than one client. So, you need to be good at managing projects. It will help you complete each client’s tasks on time.

Thus, you’ll form long-term relationships with your clients as they will trust you can help with everything they want to outsource to you.

virtual assistant skills

Communication Skills

Let no one lie to you that being a virtual assistant doesn’t involve communication. You should know that you need to be seriously good with communication if you want people to take your word for it in the virtual world.

Since you won’t meet with your clients every day, and they won’t have a way to monitor your work, you need to be sharp at communication skills. Because through effective communication, your clients will be assured that you will deliver.

Time Management Skills

It goes without saying that time management is another critical virtual assistant skill. With good time management, you’ll be able to serve more clients, make more money, and balance work and life.

Problem Solving Skills

Like any other business, you should expect a few challenges in your work. But the challenges shouldn’t deter you from performing efficiently. You need to be a good problem solver for you to handle the challenges instead of letting them get in your way.

Research and find out the problems virtual assistants face, and then delve into the solutions. Remember, not all problems will have solutions, to begin with. So, you need to be prepared to handle challenges that arise in the best way possible.

virtual assistant skills

Learn These Skills in Our VA Community

Every virtual assistant has to start somewhere. The fact that you don’t have all these skills doesn’t mean you should give up. You can learn the skills in our community and be ready to serve multiple clients within a few months. Join the community today.

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