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6 Types of Dubsado Forms and When to Use Them in Your Business

Choosing the right Dubsado forms to use in your business can help you retain more clients. If you make mistakes with forms, clients won’t help but wonder what other mistakes you can make. And how much these mistakes can cost them. You don’t want your clients imagining such things, especially before signing a contract with you.

That’s why you can eliminate these possibilities by learning about the different types of forms on Dubsado. And then go ahead and use these forms correctly.

As people who have used and mastered Dubsado for years, below, we will explain the different types of forms and how to use each of them correctly.

6 Types of Dubsado Forms

The best way to understand Dubsado forms is to study each individually. Find out about each of the six forms below.

Form Templates

As a business owner, you will send similar forms to different clients. For example, think about things like invoices and trackers for your work. Instead of creating such forms afresh every time you have a new client, you can save time by designing a form template.

You can then access the template whenever you need to use it. Hence, saving you and your clients time. It also helps you keep your branding consistent from one client to the other.


To start working with a client, you need a contract. It is a legally binding agreement where both of you agree to certain terms and conditions of working together. Dubsado allows you to create a contract and create spaces for electronic signatures for your and your clients.

You can only have one contract for each project. Therefore, you have to create a contract that covers everything in one. So you won’t need another agreement. Luckily, you can create your contract as a template so you can reuse it with other clients with only minor edits.


We know you may be wondering what is the difference between sub-agreements and contracts. Here is the difference.

A sub-agreement is similar to a contract in all manner, and it also has spaces for electronic signatures. However, you can have as many sub-agreements as you please in a project as opposed to a contract.

Some examples of sub-agreements include:

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Contract cancelation or agreement

  • Copy of the contract (when you need a third party to sign)


Think about it. How many times have you filled questionnaires since you started your business? For some, questionnaires are a daily affair while for others they may come weekly or monthly.

The fact that remains is that you will fill out questionnaires as long as you work with clients online. And through Dubsado, you can design questionnaires to collect critical information for each project from your clients.

Dubsado forms enable you to create questionnaires with diverse types of questions such as short answers, open-ended and checkboxes. You may also create checklists and project timelines that look very similar to questionnaires when the need arises.


One of the most exciting things about Dubsado is creating proposals. If you follow the right tips to create awesome Dubsado proposal templates, you will increase your chances of getting a ‘yes’ from more clients.

When creating this type of form, here are a few things you need to remember:

  • Prepare your packages before creating your proposal

  • Display your packages in the proposal in an organized way

  • Customize each proposal for each client even if you have a template

  • Make your proposal irresistible with a great offer

Lead Captures

Lead captures should be your first priority after signing up on Dubsado. You need lead captures to get potential clients to share their emails with you. And you can do this by creating irresistible lead captures. For example, entice potential customers with a free ebook, checklist, or something else that will help them with tips to grow their businesses.

The lead capture should be the last thing you create. Because it is the first thing customers will interact with before moving through the workflow you have created. Therefore, you need to have everything else set up and then finalize the process with lead capture.

Message us for Help Creating Your First Dubsado Form

That’s it. These are the six types of Dubsado forms you can create and when to use each of them. But we know the process may be confusing for a first-time user. That’s why we will help you create your Dubsado forms fast and efficiently. Please get in touch with us here.


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