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7 Creative Virtual Assistant Jobs for Anyone Who Wants to Work From Home

Your career as a VA should kick off with learning the creative virtual assistant jobs available on the market. We want to set you on a clearer path in defining your career objectives as a virtual assistant.

If you are planning to acquire virtual assistant skills, you should know which areas you want to specialize in. So that you are well informed of the VA jobs that match your current skill set.

In short, these are the creative virtual assistant jobs currently on demand.

1. Administrative Virtual Assistant

It is probably the most common category of virtual assistant in the industry. Its prominence grew due to entrepreneurs requiring personal assistants to help them with their recurring daily operations. It is the same reason an administrative virtual assistant is considered a personal assistant.

Your primary role as an administrative VA is handling the administrative tasks in the business. An example of such tasks are:

  • Appointment management

  • Email management

  • Data entry

  • Industry research

It requires you to be a flexible and multi-skilled virtual assistant. There are times your client will require you to use your problem-solving skills to provide solutions to the business customers.

2. Social Media Management Virtual Assistant

According to the latest social media statistics, one in three online users claims they turn to social media when they want to learn about new brands or products. And marketers seem to agree with this fact. About 90% of marketers claim that their social media marketing efforts have helped increase brand exposure.

These statistics can offer you a clear hint why the services of social media virtual assistants are in demand among entrepreneurs. Moreover, small business owners spend an average of 6 to 10 hours weekly on social media marketing.

Therefore, entrepreneurs realize that they are wasting most of their productive time on social media. And that’s where you come in. Such small business owners require a skilled professional who can focus on their social media as they turn their attention to other core business functions.

Your tasks as a social media manager include the following.

  • Develop and schedule social media posts

  • Provide timely responses on social media

  • Social media marketing

  • Monitoring social media activities and KPIs

  • Turn social media into a key lead generation tool

3. Content Creation Virtual Assistant

Another broad field of virtual assistants is content creation. There are various directions you can take as a content creation virtual assistant.

One of those directions is copywriting virtual assistant. As a copywriter, your task will be developing sales content that triggers customer engagement. Therefore, you will be tasked with writing sales copy, webpage copy, and social media content that generates new leads or converts those leads into paying customers.

You may also be in charge of SEO content creation as a copywriting virtual assistant. Therefore, the client will want you to be conversant with aspects such as keyword research and usage.

On the other hand, you can also specialize in being a blogger virtual assistant. This form of content writing offers you more freedom in developing your content. You can specialize in writing content that aligns with your passion, such as travel blogging.

4. E-commerce Virtual Assistant

The potential of e-commerce stores is huge. The number of online shoppers in the US will grow to 300 million in 2023. Last year the number of global online shoppers stood at 2.14 billion.

With such huge market potential, every business is trying a great deal to take advantage of this opportunity. And this has increased the demand for skilled e-commerce VAs.

Business owners want a professional who can help them develop competitive online market strategies or assist in their implementation. That includes creating SEO content that will help improve the search engine ranking of the online store.

Other tasks you will perform are.

  • Creating product descriptions

  • Organizing products in the online stores

  • Updating the product catalogs

  • Managing inventory

  • Order management and completion

  • Customer service

5. Accounting and Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Being an accounting VA could be an excellent side hustle for you if you are an accounting professional. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to fall behind on their bookkeeping because they have too much on their plate. Also, they are business owners who are unfamiliar with accounting tasks.

For legal reasons, this may prove costly for the business. Therefore, they choose to delegate these tasks to accounting VAs instead of hiring a permanent accounting department. Here are some of the tasks you will perform for your clients as an accounting virtual assistant.

  • Bookkeeping

  • Updating accounting records

  • Payroll processing

  • Account reconciliation

  • Inventory management

  • Assisting in budgeting

  • Preparation of financial reports

6. Graphic Design Assistant

Every good content must include graphics like website banners, infographics, or logos. Occasionally, a graphic designer may also be skilled in web design.

Your graphics will contribute to the overall creativity of the client’s content. The client may also hire you to develop graphics when a business is looking to rebrand and improve the website. For this, you will require knowledge of design tools like Canva or adobe.

7. Project Management Virtual Assistant

The demand for project managers has now expanded to the virtual markets. Business owners are looking for someone to help them manage long-term business projects.

You will be in charge of overseeing the client’s projects from the beginning to the end. That means managing the project team, implementing project plans, and maintaining good relationships with the clients involved.

Where Can You Find These Creative Virtual Assistant Jobs?

By joining the Royal VA community, you will find answers related to the virtual assistant profession. It is a place where you can network with other virtual assistants who can keep you informed of new opportunities in the market.

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