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Automating Your Email Marketing for Promo Sales

Automating Your Email Marketing for Promo Sales

Did you know that email marketing is one of the successful ways of retaining existing customers? According to Shopify, email marketing gives a return of $38 for every dollar you invest. So, imagine how much profit you would reap via email marketing automation for a full year.

The profit from a year’s worth of automated email marketing could easily help you achieve your yearly target. However, not any email marketing campaign will give you these results. You must set up your email campaigns right for them to work.

But how can you do set up automated email the right way? Find out below.

How to Set Up Email Marketing Automation the Right Way

Automating your email marketing campaign right means planning your email marketing campaigns in advance. So, if you know that you normally launch promo sales for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays, then it would be best to prepare all these promo emails in advance. Here is where you write content for the email campaigns after determining what you will promote.

Since the automated emails mostly target customers who are already on your list, then you can automate the promo emails in automation software such as Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, or another email tool that you use.

Note that the software for automated emails are different. Therefore, you have to choose one that suits your business. Also, each software allows you to add a certain number of email subscribers. Therefore, you need one that will accommodate all your email subscribers so you don't leave out anyone.

Using an efficient email tool will save you the anxiety of launching an impromptu marketing campaign every time you realize there is an upcoming holiday or event.

5 Reasons Why Automating Your Marketing Campaign is the Best Decision

In case you’re wondering how an automated email campaign may help you, we've got you. Here are five benefits of sending automated emails to your subscribers.

  • It will save you from launching a discount code hurriedly. So, you will have enough time to determine the products and services to promote and the appropriate pricing.

  • It will help you track and measure open rates and conversions from each marketing email.

  • It will help you keep more customers when they see that you care about their needs.

  • Automation helps you keep all your promos in one email marketing tool where e you can compare the results of different email campaigns in a year.

  • It’s a huge time and cost-saver.

  • These marketing emails may help you capture new subscribers when they hear about your discount code from your current customers.

3 Best Practices for Sending Automated Emails

Anyone can send an automated email. However, you should follow best practices if you want to see good results. the three best practices of sending automated email to grow your business include:

Each Email Should Cover One Point

First, ensure that your email messages are direct. Each email you send must speak about one point for it to be high converting. For example, if you're sending a welcome email, ensure that you do not talk about your discount code in the same email.

Each Automated Email Must Have One Call to Action

Secondly, each email must have one call to action. If you want subscribers on your email list to purchase your course, don't talk ask them to contact you via your website. The only link they should see is the link to purchase your course.

Use Trigger Words in the Subject Lines and Body

Finally, to achieve high open rates, your email subject line must have trigger words. You can excite your new subscribers with data that convince them about the effectiveness of your product. An example of trigger words includes life-changing, cheap, effortless and more.

These words minimize the chances of having too many products in the abandoned cart.

Need Help Sending Automated Emails?

Try email automation now and see how much it will save you and give your business high returns. If you’re not a pro at integrating your email tools with Zapier and scheduling email campaigns in advance, that should not deter you from using this powerful digital marketing tool. Just like social media, you can always seek help from an automation workflows expert. I’m an automation expert who will help you set up everything from scratch and set reminders for your upcoming promos. Contact me for a quick consultation today.


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