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Avoid these 2 Mistakes if You Want to Start a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

So you want to start a successful virtual assistant business. We applaud you for being among those who are willing to dip their feet in and deal with whatever comes their way. Luckily, you don’t have to go in blindly.

We’ve done the heavy lifting of finding mistakes that virtual assistants make when starting. It would be good for your business if you avoid these mistakes. Remember, you don’t have to wait to learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from other people’s experiences. So, here are two common mistakes you should try your best to avoid.

successful virtual assistant business

Avoid Thinking Like an Employee

You are starting a business so it would help if you start thinking like a business owner. When applying to jobs, you do not have to send a resume along with your cover letter. Instead of a resume, you would need to send a portfolio that shows previous projects you’ve worked on, testimonials from your past clients, and the services, and other important details.

Since you’re now a business, you would also need to set your pay rate as opposed to taking what your clients offer. You also decide when to raise your rates, and when to change your virtual assistant packages. To do all this, you need to develop a business owner mindset so you can succeed fast.

Avoid Being Disorganized

As mentioned above, you’re now running a business and you’re responsible for its success or failure.. To increase your chances of success and help you compete fairly with other successful virtual assistant businesses, you have to be organized. 

You can organize your business using the following tools:

  1. Google Drive

  2. Trello

  3. Clickup

  4. Evernote

  5. Website

successful virtual assistant business

Learn More about Starting Virtual Assistant Business

When starting a successful virtual assistant business, it is clear that you should avoid thinking like an employee and being disorganized. These mistakes can cost you long term clients, and you don’t want this to happen to you especially if you’re a beginner. Please join our virtual assistant academy and learn more things you should consider when setting up your VA business.


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