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Best Automation Platform for a Digital Business to Increase Sales -We’ve Tried These Recommendations

You should find out the best automation platform for your digital business if you want to grow fast. Numerous platforms help businesses like yours streamline their operations.

However, if you don’t narrow it down to a few, you may get confused and give up on the platforms altogether.

Today, I’ll help you pick a few platforms that work for our business that will also work for you.

Why You Need an Automation Platform in Your Business

You have realized that having an automation platform will improve the efficiency of your business processes. It will enable you to get rid of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that contribute to business process inefficiencies.

The importance of a business automation platform in improving your business customer experience cannot be understated. For these reasons, you need to select an automation platform that best addresses your business needs.

Here are a few top platforms that will contribute positively to your competitive advantage as a digital business.


SuiteDash is a business automation tool that helps you streamline your business operations, including workflow optimization, CRM, project management, and data management, all in a centralized platform.

Upon a visit to their website, you will notice that SuiteDash describes itself as an "All-in-One Business Software that empowers collaboration with your team and automates interaction with your clients."

Those that have used SuiteDash will tell you that this is not just a marketing gimmick from its owners. It does live to those words, which is why it is one of the best CRM and project marketing tools in the market.

SuiteDash does stand out if you are looking for a tool that eliminates the need for micromanaging your business. It allows you to automate more functions in your business, including email marketing and payment processing.

All this is possible because it centralizes your business processes. Therefore, your actions and those of your client create an automation loop effect.

For example, a client will use their client portal on SuiteDash to order a project from you, and your work hours will be tracked on the same platform. The hours tacked will then be converted into a billable invoice that you will charge the client based on their subscription plan.


Dubsado ranks among the top CRM solutions for your digital business. The automation platform allows you to manage projects, build client relationships, and create workflows required to automate the entire client process.

Dubsado will help you manage clients, leads, contracts, payments, emails, and project workflows in a single platform. It offers one of the best workflows you will find in any other automation platform you will find. The workflows simplify the automation process of repetitive processes within your business.

On the other hand, Dubsado offers superior integration with other business automation tools you may have. The feature is great for a digital business as it improves business efficiency and saves on costs.

Moreover, Dubsado allows you to automate your client communications, which is vital to improving your customer experience. You can create customized email templates that will improve your ROI on your email marketing campaigns.

Dubsado will also play its role in aiding your business growth. It automates your lead capturing with easy-to-create lead capture forms. Each time a new lead is captured, your automated workflows will trigger a lead-nurturing process through a series of automated emails.


ClickUp is the automation platform you need for better management of your team. The project management tool allows business teams to collaborate in real time, manage tasks, and improve communication.

You will appreciate the robust task management functionality offered by ClickUp. You can customize your tasks based on the workflows, allowing several staff members to collaborate on a single task.

ClickUp also allows team members to communicate in real time and provide timely updates on their project progress. These are key ingredients for effective collaboration in team projects.

Adding ClickUp to your business automation systems and hiring an online business manager means you don't have to worry about the operations aspects of your business. ClickUp will prove to be an effective coordination tool for the online manager to coordinate your team and ensure that quality work is delivered to your clients.

Moreover, you don't even have to request updates on how the team is progressing with their assigned tasks. You can just login into the platform and get reports on your staff's progress.


Later is a social management platform that allows you to plan, analyze, and publish content to your social media platforms. It is the tool you need if you are looking to boost your social media reach and increase your ROI on social media marketing.

Later allows you to gain a competitive advantage by streamlining your social media marketing strategy.

One thing you will love about using Later is that you can manage all your social media accounts on one platform. That saves you a lot of time scheduling your social content, improving your efficiency in managing all your social media accounts.

Using Later doesn't require much training, thanks to its basic drag-and-drop interface. That includes images and videos you would like to post on your social media platforms.

You don't have to research hashtags to accompany your social media posts. You can type an example hashtag for your content on the text box and click the Suggest button. That click will leave you spoilt for choice on the hashtags sorted by relevance to your post.

Want to Decide the Best Automation Platform for Your Business?

You don't have to decide on the best automation platform for your business alone. You can hire us as your business efficiency consultant to help you make an informed decision. We will access your business processes and needs and help you determine what automation platform will bring you higher ROI.

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