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Best Email Automation Platform for Business Coaches

Using the best email automation platform for your coaching business shows your clients that you’re the best at what you do. When clients see how organized you are in your business, they will be inclined to keep working with you.

Therefore, automating your email marketing is not a question of if but when and how. Here, we’re going to help you answer the how by analyzing the top three email automation platforms for business coaches.

email automation platform

Active Campaign

Active Campaign prides itself in being a platform with simple pricing and no setup fees. The platform helps you send email sequences to reach, nurture, convert, and grow with your subscribers.

In addition, the platform offers free training for anyone willing to learn how to get the best out of email marketing automation.

The platform also offers extra services that include messaging, advanced reporting, and site tracking among others. Their price ranges from $9/month to $229/month.


ConvertKit is yet another best email automation platform that coaches use to keep in touch with their clients. The platform is free for a thousand subscribers. That’s why it is common among new coaches and other entrepreneurs who are fairly new to the business world.

If you’re thinking about launching a course, ConvertKit also offers a course on building and launching your course.

Other capabilities of the platform include:

  1. Email sign-up forms

  2. Landing pages

  3. Email designer

email automation platform


Mailchimp is also a good email marketing automation platform that offers free templates for beginners. Like ConvertKit, the platform offers email sign-up forms and landing pages among other powerful features.

It is free for up to 2000 subscribers, and you can host up to 20,000 subscribers at $299. Mailchimp is easy to use and has a lot to offer for business coaches who want to grow their empires through automated email marketing.

Choose a Platform and Automate Starting Today

Automate email marketing for your coaching business today and get enough time to attend to each of your clients. Choose a platform and get in touch for automation services today. We will help you build a list and nurture it for high conversions.


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