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Client Time Log: 5 Time Tracking Tools for Virtual Assistants

Aren't you glad of the transparency brought forth by the client time log system? From the look of things, it may look like the client benefits most from the client time log.

Because most clients hire virtual assistants on an hourly basis. Therefore, requesting you to track the time you work helps them gain value for money.

But while client time logs may provide a sense of security to your clients, it benefits you in equal measure.

Imagine a scenario where you have to prepare a monthly invoice for a time-based contract and cannot ascertain the number of hours worked. Or have to determine pay based on the end product, not hours worked. That's how you start losing out on valuable pay from your clients.

You see it is pretty much a win-win situation for all parties.

Why You Need The Client Time Log

Time tracking solves your constant inefficiencies in handling your clients" projects. It helps you collect the data you need to prioritize your daily activities. It allows you to use your working time well and improve your productivity levels.

Remember, you also need the time logs to run a virtual assistant business. The client pays you based on the time logs, and you extend the same principle to the virtual assistants working for you.

But again, you don’t have to collect the time logs using the traditional punch card system. Here are some innovative software you will use to track your clients' time.

1. Toggl

Toggl Track is one of the popular time-tracking tools for virtual assistants for good reasons. You can use the software online on your web browser or a browser extension or download it as an app to your smart device.

That makes it easy to track your client projects in real-time effortless. The tool can also be integrated with many other tools you use in your virtual assistant business.

It has a free plan for those starting and allows you to upgrade to a paid plan when your operations expand. The free plan covers all your basic time-tracking needs, including recording the type of task timed and assigning projects by clients.

The premium plan allows reporting the time logs with the clients and the rest of the team for better project coordination.

It also allows you to forecast and analyze your projects for better client planning. You can also plan your finances through the revenue tracking features.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is another top-notch time tracking and productivity management tool. The tool allows you to track your billable work hours and generate accurate productivity reports.

It is ideal for improving your productivity levels as a virtual assistant because it generates daily time reports that indicate your daily metrics. Therefore, you can set daily targets that you will work towards achieving.

The tool is committed to helping you become productive. It includes additional features that trigger alerts when you get distracted or visit sites that are not work-related.

Time Doctor also simplifies the invoicing process for you. It will help you convert your billable hours into an invoice you can send to your client. Other exciting features of this tool are.

  • Idle time calculation- the number of minutes your desktop stays without any activity such as mouse movement or keystrokes

  • Production of detailed analyzed productivity reports

  • Project and task management

  • Integration with other project management tools

  • Offline time tracking

  • Screenshots and detailed activity levels

3. ClickUp

You are probably surprised at finding ClickUp on this list. The tool is mainly known as a project management tool.

But that is the beauty of ClickUp. It can help you achieve track time and projects without the extra hassle of installing another app or switching browsers to track time. It is a suitable option if you want an all-in-one tool.

You can track time using two approaches. First, it has time tracking features built into the tool. The other approach is that it integrates several other time tracking apps like Toggl and harvest into the system.

Therefore, you can be able to track your time on the go between ClickUp and your other favorite time tracking app.

4. Clockify

Clockify is a pure gem for recording client time logs under a free plan. It is a simple time tracking tool that tracks your attendance, productivity, and billable hours in a simple timesheet. It will allow you to track an unlimited number and projects under a free plan.

It is one of the easy-to-use time tracking tools available for virtual assistants. It involves simple processes in coordinating all of your client projects.

You will also be glad to know the tool enables you to generate summary and weekly progress reports. They are useful in determining your team's productivity by analyzing hours worked and the progress of your client's projects.

5. MyHours

MyHours is one of the tools we recommend if you plan to take your time tracking a notch higher. The tool allows you to organize your projects, track the hours worked, and generate reports you can share with your clients.

MyHours leaves you spoilt for choice on how to organize your projects. For example, you can add tags or descriptions when categorizing your tasks. You can also organize the projects based on a to-do list, especially when looking to prioritize projects when assigning them to your team.

It is available both in the free and paid version. The free version still has much to offer. You can track an unlimited number of clients, projects, and tasks.

Learn About More Time Tracking Tools

We may have discussed the common time tracking tools, but that doesn't mean we have exhausted them all in these articles. But there is a place where you can find a great breakdown of all the time tracking tools your fellow virtual assistants are using.

Join the Royal VA Community discussion about the time-tracking tools virtual assistants are using to increase their competitive advantage in the industry.


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