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Clients Are Looking for These Skills in Your Virtual Assistant Resume

Your journey as a VA begins by developing a virtual assistant resume that will get you hired by clients. Because you need your resume to get an interview with potential clients.

Therefore, you cannot afford to mess it up. It needs to include details that will make potential clients want to have a further chat with you. And as you may have guessed, the skills you include in your resume will have a big say.

This article focuses on discussing the top skills your virtual assistant resume should include.

Why You Need to Make Your Virtual Assistant Resume Unique

A virtual assistant resume is quite similar to the other types of resume. However, the difference is that this resume requires you to be specific about your skills and experience. Also, this is a resume you can present on your virtual assistant website.

Your clients may not be as concerned about where you went to school or where you have worked. Unless the training and experiences relate to your virtual assistant career.

Instead, your potential employers are concerned about the hard and soft skills that make you the best virtual assistant. Those are the skills we will be discussing here.

Communication Skills

Communication is a vital soft skill in your virtual assistant career. That’s because your relationship with your clients is primarily virtual, as you will work remotely. And a virtual relationship is best cultivated through efficient communication.

You should have excellent oral and written communication skills. Remember, most clients will hire you to be part of a team. These teams are most effective when every member can communicate excellently with other team members and the clients. Your communication skills will be tested when preparing emails, reports, and presentations.

Online Tools Efficiency

Irrespective of which virtual assistant position you are applying for, efficiency in the use of online tools is a minimum requirement. You will be performing all your tasks online, hence the need to master these soft tech skills.

There are those must-have skills even for a beginner VA. You should at the very least know Microsoft office packages, internet research, Google Workspace, and communication apps such as zoom.

In other cases, some clients may prefer you understand the project management software. You will use these software to manage various client projects.

Time Management

Most of the VA contracts are hourly-based. Therefore, as you would imagine, clients will want maximum value for every hour you work for them. That is the only way they can be certain every dollar they pay earn value for their business.

In this regard, clients prefer a virtual assistant who knows how to use various time management tools. And it is not just about timing yourself. A client wants to be sure that you understand the importance of respecting deadlines and the agreed-on work schedules.

Since you’ll be working with various clients at a time, clients will also need to know that you can multitask. Also, you will want to inform the potential client that you understand how to use the online calendars to schedule and organize your projects.

Organizational Expertise

Initially, there was a misconception that virtual assistants are online personal assistants. That is because most clients only believed in hiring a VA to perform administrative tasks in the business. However, this narrative has since changed as people have developed a better understanding of the concept of VA.

But you can still see why every VA is expected to have organizational skills. Even when not performing administrative tasks, the fact that you are a remote worker needs organizational skills. Clients want assurance that you can work and deliver projects without supervision.

Note: The best way to highlight your organizational skills in a resume is through an objective statement. The statement should answer the following:

  • How do you accomplish your day-to-day tasks?

  • How do you establish a workflow to ensure you remain on schedule?

  • What organization and administrative work techniques do you possess?

  • How do you conduct client communications?

Customer Service Skills

Your virtual assistant work ensures your client gets it right with their customers. Your customer service skills should extend to the customers of your client. That is particularly so if you work as an administrative VA.

Even though the client will be the first recipient of your customer service skills, you can show off the skills in your resume by indicating past work experiences where you have demonstrated your customer relationship management skills.

Resourcefulness and Creativity Skills

The reason we choose to combine these two skills is that they are interdependent. You need to prove you have the resourcefulness to achieve the desired levels of creativity.

Being a resourceful virtual assistant means you can find solutions to the problems your clients face. For example, your client may put you on the task of researching their competitors.

Can the client count on you to offer suggestions on how to be better than the competition? For example, if the competitor has better content than you, the client will call on your creative skills to improve the content.

You can use links to your social media and internet pages to show your resourcefulness and creativity skills. The pages will show your content creation, social media branding, lead generation, and email automation skills from these links.

Perfect Your Virtual Assistant Resume Now

The skills are not the only things you include in your virtual assistant resume. You can learn everything you need to make your resume perfect from other experienced VAs. Be part of the discussion by joining the Royal VA community today.


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