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Earn 6 Figures with These 5 Best Niches for a Virtual Assistant Business

Did you know that targeting the best niches for a virtual assistant business could earn you a six-figure in this industry? There are virtual assistants already earning that much from the comfort of their homes. And all they did was identify the competitive niches in the virtual assistant industry and take advantage of those opportunities.

Do you remember the first time you became a virtual assistant? Do you remember feeling stuck trying to find clients with little experience or skills? It almost felt like an impossible task to score clients, but eventually, you got a hold of it.

Right now, you should aim to earn six figures because it is doable. Here are the niches that will propel you to the six-figure reality.

Social Media Management

Social media has become a source of competitive advantage for businesses in modern digital times. Small businesses now realize they can leverage social media to compete with the larger established businesses.

They reckon the power of social media in driving potential customers through the sales funnel. Businesses use social media platforms to generate new leads and manage customer relationships.

Moreover, small businesses are keen to take advantage of the power of social media marketing. They consider it a cost-effective and more result-oriented approach compared to traditional marketing.

As you have imagined, rarely will the business owners have the time to do all this. They don’t have enough time in their schedule to develop and manage the business’s social media accounts to achieve these benefits. They have to delegate such tasks to a skilled virtual assistant like yourself.

Unfortunately, there are not enough skilled social media manager virtual assistants who can enable a business to achieve such benefits. The current demand for these experts has made this field of specialization a lucrative one.

An analysis of virtual social media assistant salaries by ZipRecruiter shows that some individuals earn as much as $85,000 per year. Their data also shows a large percentage of individuals in this field are making about $47,500 per year.

Project Management

Project management virtual assistant is one of the fields with the fewest takers. That has effectively made it one of the most lucrative virtual assistant fields.

There is a good reason for this. Being a project management virtual assistant entails challenging tasks and requires specific skills. The skills include being conversant with certain project management software. Your ability to plan, monitor, and assess the progress of projects will be put to the test.

Web Development

Do you possess skills in HTML, javascript, CSS, and other programming languages? You could use these skills to earn more as a virtual assistant. Your skills place you in a unique niche for businesses searching for web development experts.

Your web development skills are an asset for businesses looking to create and manage their website, develop an e-commerce site, create landing pages, and system integrations. You will be glad to know that such services are paid for on a contractual basis. Therefore, it is possible to score a good deal from your clients.

Online Marketing Manager

Marketing is one of the lucrative professions. It takes a special talent and skill to develop a creative way of developing brand awareness and convincing people to buy your product and services.

Currently, the marketing focus has shifted to online platforms. Businesses want someone who can be able to reach a large number of target customers online. Online marketing is expansive in areas such as;

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • YouTube marketing

  • SEO marketing

Your marketability in this niche will depend on your ability to utilize the internet to generate leads and convert them into sales. If you get hired by a consultant, your YouTube marketing skills will be put to the test. They will require you to help them edit their raw videos and make them SEO friendly.

You can also expand your online marketing niche to include Amazon virtual assistants. You could be responsible for managing the Amazon seller’s account. You will be performing tasks such as product listing, responding to customer inquiries, and processing customer orders. You will also be tasked with developing content to help market the listed products.

Travel Planning

When was the last time you went on a holiday, especially outside the country? Did you know that only 11% of Americans have been to 10 or more countries across the globe? Are you among the lucky few?

You would think that lack of finances would be the major reason why so few people in such a large country have traveled to over ten countries. However, you will be surprised to learn that the logistics involved in traveling to other countries is one of the top reasons. For example, where do you stay or visit when you travel to Jamaica?

How do you plan for a summer vacation for the whole family to a new travel destination? The logistics involved make most people abandon the whole idea.

Not anymore. The emergence of travel agents has changed the whole dynamics of traveling and vacations. Instead of your clients having to worry about travel destinations and travel arrangements, you will be doing that for them.

Businesses will also hire you to be making travel arrangements for their employees and executives. That includes making reservations for them in all the facilities they will need to access during their travel.

More Tips for Best Niches for a Virtual Assistant Business

There is more to the best niches for a virtual assistant. There are even more tips on how you can attain and sustain a six-figure earning from your virtual assistant business. Therefore, you have all the reasons to miss more discussion on this and other issues on how to grow your virtual assistant business. Join the Royal VA Community and become part of the discussion.

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