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Freelance SEO Writer- Rules to Follow When Applying for a Job

You made the best decision to choose to become a freelance SEO writer. Now is the best time to enter this field. Because more businesses are realizing the competitive advantage of using content marketing as the preferred marketing technique.

That’s why “Content is king” has now become more popular than ever.

While the demand for competent SEO content writers has soared, you need to know that businesses are looking to hire professionals. They believe only experts will help them deliver content that meets the “search intent” criteria.

You could become that professional they are looking for. You just have to remember the following rules when applying for a job as a freelance SEO writer.

What is SEO Writing?

Before you understand the rules to follow, you need to first understand what the job entails. What is it you will be doing as a freelance SEO writer?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of ensuring that a website and its content get visible and rank high in the search engines. SEO writing aims to develop content that ranks high in search engines. It aims to generate organic traffic by making the website more visible in search engines.

The following highlights the functions you will be performing as an SEO content writer.

  • Researching industry-related keywords and topics

  • Writing, editing, and proofreading search-engine-optimized content

  • Analyzing content strategies

  • Exploring competitor content

  • Writing content for blogs

Now that you understand what the profession entails, here are the rules you follow.

Gain the Relevant Skills of an SEO Writer

As you can see, being an SEO writer requires specific skills to fulfill the functions. You need to learn these skills before you start applying for SEO writing jobs.

The first thing potential employers will be looking for is your qualifications for the job. No employer will offer you the job if they are not convinced you understand the foundations of SEO writing. For example, the ability to write creative content and incorporate keyword phrases into your work.

You do not have to worry about acquiring these skills. You can pursue online courses to gain relevant skills.

Build Your Portfolio

Digital portfolios are replacing traditional resumes for freelancers. Your portfolio helps you showcase your work, skills, and talents to convince potential clients to work with you.

Your digital portfolio should include a brief description of you and an outline of your niche. A niche identifies your area of focus and interest in SEO writing. It will help your potential employee determine your fields of specialization.

It would also be best to include testimonials in your portfolio. Positive reviews and recommendations from previous customers are an excellent way to drum up suitability for the job. They are a good way to convince your potential employer that you have the right experience for the job.

Finally, your portfolio should not miss at least five of your latest job samples. Your samples show that you have the abilities you claim to have. Ensure the samples align with the niche you outlined in your portfolio. Your samples should inform the potential employer how you will add value to their business.

Perfect Your Research Skills

SEO writing involves a lot of research work. You will be researching keywords, topics, and competitors’ content frequently. Because these elements are vital components in developing competitive SEO content.

Your clients will entrust you to come up with topics and keywords that increase the search intent of your content. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the keyword generator tools you can use to mine keywords with a higher density and volume.

Furthermore, your internet research skills will be put to the test in determining the keywords that make your competitor’s content rank over yours. Such analytics will inform your future SEO content.

Look for Reliable Job Sites/ Agencies

Job sites have made it much easier to search for jobs online. You don’t have to spend all your time searching for SEO writing jobs online.

You can simply sign up on reliable freelance job sites and look for opportunities there. Signing up helps you receive notifications if a job matching your search criteria becomes updated.

In other cases, freelance job agencies work directly with the companies. Such firms outsource their virtual assistants from such agencies at a fee. Therefore, signing up for such an agency will increase your odds of securing a client faster.

Customize Your Application Emails

You are seeking a job in SEO writing. There is no harm in giving your potential employer a hint of your potential skills based on how you draft your email.

Avoid the temptation to send bulk application emails. Instead, take your time to customize each mail based on the job application instructions and requirements.

The More Applications, the Better

There is no harm in sending numerous applications for the SEO writer positions. Most companies store their applications in a database. It helps them save the cost of undertaking a similar recruitment exercise.

Therefore, a company may fail to offer you the job now but make contact again in the future. Also, sending a proposal may trigger the company to think about creating such a position.

Cold Pitch

Sometimes you have to be proactive in your job search. Cold pitching is one of the proactive strategies you can employ to get an SEO writer job. You could use the strategy to present your skills and experiences to prospective clients.

Cold pitching requires you to identify your niche, look up companies within that niche, and check if their content achieves the SEO standards. If they do not, add them to your cold pitching list.

Then, create a tailored proposal for each prospective client on your list. Make sure to personalize the content to the specific client needs you identified during your research.

Learn More about Becoming Freelance SEO Writer

We could never run out of tips and guides on how you can become a successful freelance SEO writer and score more clients. Join the Royal VA Community to be part of the discussion today.

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