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How Many Emails to Send Per Week in MailerLite

Have you ever stopped to think about how many emails to send per week? Could you be pissing off clients with too many emails, or have they forgotten you because they cannot remember the last time you updated them via email?

These are valid questions for any business owner who wants to have a long term relationship with their clients. So, here is how many emails to send per week.

how many emails to send per week

Frequency by Industry

According to MailerLite research, companies in different industries send emails at different rates. Here are some of the most common industries and their frequency:

  1. Arts and artists- every 17.39 days.

  2. Bloggers- every 9.8 days.

  3. Business and finance- every 11.88 days.

  4. Marketing and advertising- every 8.45 days.

  5. Travel and transportation- every 12.5 days

How to Determine Number of Emails to Send Per Week

Since the above frequencies are averages, it is necessary to determine the number of emails to send per week in your business. You may begin by testing different frequencies and then measuring the results.

Find out the frequency that gives you the best results and stick to it. However, you have to keep measuring your results to determine when to change the frequency. Because customer’s behavior may change and you may need to adjust.

how many emails to send per week

Best Practices of Sending Emails

Here are a few best practices that will help you when determining how many emails to send:

  1. Inform customers in the welcome email that you’ll be sending them regular updates.

  2. Send emails only when necessary.

  3. Give your subscribers the option to opt out.

Automate Your Emails with Us Today

Are you interested in automating emails for your business today? You’re on the path to saving time and money. Please contact us and we’ll help you set up your workflows and set up email campaigns seamlessly.


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