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How to Ask for a Testimonial from Your Clients- 5 Proven Ways

Figuring out how to ask for a testimonial and get it from your clients will give you a huge competitive edge in content marketing. According to a B2B survey, 97% of B2B customers consider customer testimonials and peer recommendations the most reliable content type. Another 88% of B2C customers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as family or friends' recommendations.

Having testimonials on your website could be the swing vote that convinces a prospective customer to do business with you. Unfortunately, getting clients who are willing to provide a testimonial is sometimes challenging.

Today's discussion will be about how to overcome these challenges and get the testimonials you need.

Benefits of Customer Testimonials

Today's consumers are more skeptical than before. It is becoming harder for customers to trust the words put out there by brands about their products and services.

Based on the statistics above, customer testimonials increase prospective customers' confidence in your products. They add value to the other content on your website about your products.

On the other hand, customer testimonials are a trusted source of information about a product or service. Therefore, they are an ideal lead conversion mechanism on your website. So, here are ways you can take advantage of these benefits and land yourself several customer testimonials.

1. Ask Through Email

The use of email is the most effective and fastest way to ask for a customer testimonial. Regarding the use of an email, there is no extra hassle of finding customer emails to place your request.

You will use the ones you got saved in your email list. You have developed a relationship with these customers through your regular email correspondence.

Therefore, asking for a testimonial will be one of the episodes in your long series of communication. Even so, make use of the following tips when requesting email testimonials.

Send the request only to the responsive customers in your email list

2. Customize the email to trigger action from the customer

Strike when the iron is hot. For example, after your client expresses delight at a completed projected

Send an email reminder in case the customer may have planned to offer a review and forgot or has questions on how to provide one

You can also repurpose a quote from a customer feedback email to fit a testimonial.

3. Add a Link to Customer Testimonial Page on Your Website

Your client may come fully prepared to offer a testimonial on your website but miss the place to provide it. That is why you need a link or a call to action button on the site where customers can click to provide their reviews.

The link also reminds customers who may not have received a testimonial request through other means. Some customers are always interested in providing reviews after receiving a product or service from a business.

4. In-Person Reviews

Do you often meet with your customers for face-to-face meetings? Providing a customer testimonial could be one of the agendas you discuss in your next meeting. Explain why you consider the customer's testimonial vital at this relationship stage.

An in-person request is effective in seeking customer reviews. It gives you a better persuasion over the customer because the client will be open to you about their concerns.

5. Through Social Media

Customers sometimes tend to be more open and honest on social media. Moreover, social media could be where your brand has more connected audiences.

You should use these advantages to get important testimonials from your loyal audiences. Social media provides you with options on how to gather customer testimonials. Ask your audience directly for honest reviews of your products.

Also, you can take advantage of independent customer discussions of your products or services. Sample some comments and use them as customer quotes on your products.

Note that you should ask for the customer's permission to use their comment as part of your testimonial.

6. Take Advantage of the Already Provided Customer Reviews

Maybe you are overstressing yourself by getting the perfect customer testimonials. Out someone is saying nice stuff about your products or services.

For example, there is a possibility certain customers provided detailed reviews after buying your product on amazon. You can use these as customer testimonials on your website if you convince your customer for authorization on the same.

7. Get the Timing Right

Every couple knows when it is right to make the "toughest requests" to their spouses. That is when you are less likely to get negative feedback on your request.

The same can be said about customer testimonials. The timing will influence your success in getting customer reviews from your customers. Your customer base will determine the right timing. And the type of products or services you offer them.

For example, if you are in the hospitality industry, the best timing would be after you have provided your client with an experience that excited them. If you sell products, give the customer enough time to experience your product's benefits before requesting a testimonial.

Incorporate Customer Testimonials on Your Website Now

Maybe the missing element on your website is the customer testimonial page. Or your website lacks the relevant links and call-to-action button that will trigger customers to provide a testimonial.

You will also need to automate your emails to make it easier to request and get customer testimonials via email. Select your automation package here, and let us provide you with the freedom you need to achieve much more in your business.

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