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How to Avoid Low Season as a Virtual Assistant this Year

Are you wondering how to avoid low season as a virtual assistant? You’re on the right track. Being a virtual assistant has its ups and downs. One of the downsides is that there are some slower seasons where you will have to contend with the reality of fewer or no jobs. You may have noticed this pattern if you have been in the game for more than a year.

In most cases, the low season comes in summer from May to September. It is the perfect time for most entrepreneurs to take time off and go on holiday. Others take time to reorganize their processes because business is probably slow for them too. Whichever the reason, you will find that most clients will take things slow in terms of the projects they want you to handle.

However, being idle is not something you want as a virtual assistant. Therefore, here are some tips on things you can do to at least keep the engines running during such slower seasons.

Update Your Portfolio, Website, and Socials

You ought to understand that no matter the season, there will always be clients looking to hire a virtual assistant. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are a favorite to capture these opportunities when they arise. That means you have to galvanize your VA portfolio, your website, and other social media platforms you use to seek clients. Remember, you’re doing all this to prepare yourself to strike when the opportunity arises.

Therefore, if there are changes you ever wanted to make to your portfolio to make it more competitive, now is your chance. With some of your clients taking a break, you will have ample time on your hands. You can use this time to add your value as a virtual assistant. Here is a sample of positive changes you can make to improve your chances of attracting new clients.

  • Update your bio

  • Add more client testimonials on your website and portfolios

  • Achieve SEO compatibility in your Instagram

  • Reorganize your services

  • Refresh your work samples

Automate Your Systems

One of the main reasons why you are experiencing a shortage of jobs is because you have not been attracting enough clients along the way. Maybe you have not been generating enough leads or are not doing enough to convert these leads. Automation will help you solve this challenge.

Searching and converting a new lead is not something you need to do manually as a virtual assistant. Instead, you should have systems to do it for you automatically behind the scenes. A tool like Dubsado is an all-in-one business management tool that will enable you to perform all the CRM required in capturing and retaining clients. To some extent, it is your digital virtual assistant that will help you perform tasks such as:

  • Capture leads

  • Create proposal

  • Automation of client onboarding process

  • Scheduling client calls

  • Automated workflows

  • Send invoices

  • Create questionnaires

  • Time tracking

Such a system will help you remain competitive without doing the heavy lifting. Dubsado will help you streamline your business process to ensure a constant flow of clients and projects.

Improve Your Client Experience

Customer referrals are the best and most cost-effective form of attracting new clients for a virtual assistant. Such customers come with some degree of appreciation for your work. They may already have seen samples of your work from the client who referred them.

However, this does not happen without you putting in the effort. Your current clients must first appreciate working with you for them to feel confident referring you to their friends or business partner. For example, what kind of relationship do you have with your current customers?

Automating your systems would go a long way in helping you develop better relationships with your clients. Having the right systems ensures a smooth onboarding process with your client. That includes a personalized welcome email that makes the customer feel appreciated. Moreover, it allows you to send your clients newsletters that keep them updated on your services and any other critical communications that may help improve your working relationship with the client.

Buff up your Skills

There is always something new to learn as a virtual assistant. For example, if you are a social media virtual assistant, the level of skills you need is limitless. Not everyone acquires all these skills at once. You can continue learning and enhancing your skills with time.

Enhancing your skills makes you more marketable. It places you in a better position to secure more clients who appreciate your level of expertise. Growing your skills is also good for your portfolio and allows you to upload better work samples.

Are You Still Wondering How to Avoid Low Season as a Virtual Assistant?

The worst mistake you would make is waiting to tackle the low season without a plan. But sometimes, we all have that moment when we run out of better options. However, you do not have to face a similar dilemma. All you need to do is join the Royal VA Community. Here you will access open discussion forums as members discuss more tips and strategies they employ to avoid the low seasons.

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