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How to Become a Virtual Assistant for Amazon Businesses

Are you looking to become a virtual assistant for Amazon businesses? Amazon is a giant retailer in the world. And that means there is so much to be done on the website. In fact, virtual assistants are building their businesses around Amazon helping businesses with their day-to-day fulfillment tasks.

If you admire Amazon, love shopping on the website, and you’re interested in becoming a virtual assistant, this is for you. Below, we will guide you on how to become a virtual assistant for Amazon businesses.

virtual assistant for Amazon

What Is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

As the name suggests, an Amazon VA is a professional who offers remote administrative support to Amazon sellers. These professionals have an array of skills and have to undergo intensive training to be fully equipped for this role. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Product research

  • Listing creation and optimization

  • Competitor analysis

  • Store optimization

  • Customer service

  • Order processing

  • Data management

Skills You Need to Become an Amazon Virtual Assistant

You can see that much is expected of you as an Amazon virtual assistant. Therefore, you need the right skills to provide these services to your clients. Among the skills, you should harness include.

Amazon Product Hunting and Research Tools

When it comes to Amazon product research, you need to understand its business model. You need to be aware of how to hunt products that will sell to boost your clients' sales.

Therefore, you need to be able to analyze market trends and do forecasting. Also, you need to understand the competitive pricing of each product you recommend for your client.

You can use several tools to identify a winning product for your customer to sell. These are tools you can utilize to mine products and extract market insides. An example of such tools include:

  • Jungle scout

  • Viral-Launch

  • Helium 10

  • AMZ tracker

  • Keyword inspectors

  • MerchantWords

virtual assistant for Amazon

Customer Relationship Management Skills

Some clients may argue that Amazon handles most customer service. However, if you are trying to build loyal customers that can offer you repeat business and referrals, you need to earn their trust. Therefore, some intelligent sellers go the extra step of hiring a VA to handle their customer relationship management.

Also, some sellers want to build a brand beyond Amazon. Therefore, they will need a VA like you who has the skills to help them build a loyal customer base for their brand. For example, responding to customer reviews and customer follow-up for better-personalized services.

Sourcing and Logistics

Another important skill you need to master as an Amazon virtual assistant is sourcing and logistics. With these skills, you will be able to help your client increase sales and profit margins.

After hunting for the winning product for your clients, you will need to find a supplier from whom they can source the product. That means you need to understand the process of sourcing products from abroad, including coordinating their shipping to the FBA warehouse or your warehouse.

The process does not end there. You will need to create a product listing on Amazon so that people can purchase it.

Advertisement (PPC) on Amazon

Amazon advertisement experts are some of the most sought-after virtual assistants by sellers. There is a good reason for this. Advertising on Amazon requires you to have skills in their Amazon PPC model.

The advertising model requires advertisers to pay a fee to Amazon for every ad clicked by a shopper. The fee varies depending on the keyword competition and search volume. The Jungle Search and Helium 10 tools help you understand the cost-per-click formula. Also, your clients will expect you to have a good understanding of the following types of advertisements on Amazon.

  • Sponsored products ads

  • Sponsored brands

  • Sponsored display ads

virtual assistant for Amazon

How Much You can Make as an Amazon Virtual Assistant

The amount of money you can make as an Amazon virtual assistant depends on various factors. Such factors include the number tasks performed, level of experience, the skills you possess, and your location.

However, on average, an amazon virtual assistant salary is $3,106 per month. The salary range in the US for such assistants is $2,929-$3,603.

Become an Amazon Virtual Assistant Today

As you can see above, to become an Amazon virtual assistant, you need to be highly skilled and knowledgeable. Are you ready to become an Amazon virtual assistant? Join the Royal VA Academy and learn the skills required to become a professional virtual assistant.


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