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How to Become a Virtual Assistant with No Experience

How long have you wanted to become a virtual assistant, but you still haven’t started because you think you don’t have the experience? We understand that all the talk about building a virtual assistant business might scare you. But you may be interested to know that even those who are successful in this space started with nothing.

They had zero experience, some didn’t have a laptop, and some knew absolutely no one. A few years ago, there were no mentors to help virtual assistants find jobs and build their businesses. Yet, today, over 60% of virtual assistants are college graduates who started their businesses after graduation.

We know you’re asking, ‘but how can I become a virtual assistant without any experience?’ Please find out below.

become a virtual assistant

Start with What You Know

You may not have any experience, but there is something you love. Maybe you’re a technology enthusiast like me or you love taking photos and posting them on social media with catchy captions.

Find that thing you love and start learning more about it. Here are a few options that virtual assistants love:

  1. Organizing emails

  2. Posting on social media

  3. Designing graphics

  4. Organizing calendars

  5. Planning events

  6. Sharing ideas on trending topics on spaces like Twitter

Master the Skill that You Choose

Once you’re sure about what you love doing (your niche) and that you want to become an expert in, the next step is to master that skill. If you’ve chosen to become an email management expert, then you need to search online and find out what the job entails. Learn everything you don’t know about that job.

There is a lot of information online about different things that a virtual assistant can do. All you have to do is search, read, and practice.

You can practice by managing your own email or you can do it for a friend/family member in exchange for a testimonial. Their feedback will help you when you start finding real clients.

how to become a virtual assistant

Search for Clients on Job Boards and be of Value to Them

You’ve been waiting to get hired, and now is the time to start signing clients. As a beginner with no experience, you have to search for virtual assistant jobs on various platforms.

You can join platforms such as Upwork and start applying for jobs on the site. Job boards such as Problogger, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn are also a great starting point for beginners.

If you have any questions about becoming a virtual assistant without any experience, feel free to reach out.


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