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How to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper and Earn as Much as $100/hr

Are you good with numbers and are looking to become a virtual bookkeeper? Bookkeeping is among the online jobs you can start with minimal experience. It entails keeping track of financial transactions for an individual or business.

If you love numbers and keeping track of data, this is for you. It is also one of the flexible jobs, which means you can do it remotely at the comfort of your home. Even better, you do not need a college degree or certifications for this job. However, they are still important if you want to improve the hourly rates you charge your clients.

Below, we will focus on helping you become a virtual bookkeeper. And not just any bookkeeper, one that gets paid handsomely to do what they love.

What You Will Be Doing

If you want to be good at a job, you must be aware of the responsibilities that await you. Your main clients will mainly be small businesses and large companies. Your overall responsibility is tracking and managing income and expenses for these entities.

Here are some of the services you will be providing your clients as a virtual bookkeeper.

  • Recording sales

  • Managing payroll

  • Bills management

  • Recording expenses

  • Expenses reconciliation

  • Filing receipts

  • Issuing invoices

  • Providing a summary of transactions

  • Preparing monthly financial statements

  • Generating financial records

Learn the Skills You Need for the Job

You may not need specific qualifications to be a virtual bookkeeper, but you need the skills for the job. At this point, it is easier for you to understand the skills you need now that you have a clue about your job description.

Based on the task description provided above, what skills do you think you need to learn? Here are ways you can learn the skills you need.


You can acquire the skills you need by learning them yourself. All you need is the relevant accounting resources to learn the skills you need. These materials are readily available at your local library or from online sources.

Online Courses

There are online bookkeeping classes to equip you with the skills you need. And they come with their benefits too. Once you have successfully learned the necessary skills, you will receive certification from the course providers. That is a huge plus for you when searching for clients

Become a Certified Bookkeeper

When you start courting the larger organizations as your clients, they may require you to produce professional bookkeeping certification. Currently, two professional bodies offer such certification; The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) and the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB).

Acquire a Bookkeeping Software

Getting the latest bookkeeping software is the foundation to being a competitive bookkeeper. Having the latest software increases your efficiency in performing the relevant tasks. You may have all the skills required but lack the tools to help you execute the tasks at hand.

Bookkeeping software makes it easier for you to maintain up-to-date records for each client. When you have all the records sorted, it will be easier for you to generate the necessary reports and prepare the client’s financial statements.

Market Your Business

You now got the skills and tools required to succeed as a virtual bookkeeper. All that remains for you is to secure your clients. That is not a simple task because you are relatively new in the field.

However, this can change soon once you start marketing your business. Your primary focus should be on digital marketing, given that most of your clients will be online customers.

You stand a better chance of landing more clients if you focus your efforts on social media, email, and content marketing. All these forms of marketing will enable you to target a specific group of customers who require bookkeeping services. It is the easier route to developing relationships with the target customers.

Keep on Building a Name

There should be no limit to the level of growth you can achieve in your bookkeeping gig. The secret is understanding how to achieve and sustain this growth.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and business updates impacting bookkeeping. For this reason, you cannot afford to skip training sessions being offered on bookkeeping. That includes reading new materials on this area and attending new courses to enhance your skills.

Strengthening your customer relationships is essential for sustaining your business growth. Referrals and businesses networking are the best and most cost-effective ways of building your customer base. However, they are not achievable unless you develop a good relationship with your current clients.

A simple gesture such as wishing your client a happy birthday shows them that you care for them as a person. On the other hand, email marketing may serve to strengthen the relationship with your customer while also informing them of your services.

Learn More About Working Virtually Here

We have talked about developing your skills as a bookkeeper. However, you need other skills to become a successful virtual assistant. For example, how will you market your business online and develop relationships with your clients? Join our community and learn all the skills you need to succeed as a virtual assistant.


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