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How To Create An Onboarding Checklist For Your Startup

Did you know that an employee onboarding checklist plays a key role in your organization’s growth? Now you know. An efficient onboarding process contributes to growth by saving you time and helping you create a good connection with your new hires as soon as their first day at work.

If you want this process to be easy for you, you need to create an onboarding checklist. But before we show you what goes in a checklist, here is why an onboarding process is important in your startup.

The Importance of an Onboarding Process

Here are five reasons you want to have an onboarding process that doesn’t suck:

  • An effective onboarding process helps new employees feel welcomed and supported.

  • It can help identify and correct any gaps in the employee's knowledge or skills.

  • It can help ensure that the employee is meeting the organizational expectations and goals.

  • An effective onboarding process can reduce the risk of employee turnover.

  • It can save you a lot of time and money when done correctly

The Components of an Onboarding Process

Now that we’ve established that you need an onboarding process, how can you make it good? The answer is by ensuring that your process has all the right components. Because if you miss out on any component, the entire process may break down on you, especially when you need it the most.

The important things include your goals, key steps, timeline, and communication to the right people. You need to set aside time to outline your goals so that when you start creating the process, it can fulfill your needs.

Also, key steps are necessary because these are the things you must accomplish. They are the things that must be done and cannot be foregone. Finally, you need to determine how you will communicate with your new hire throughout the process. Once you have set all these, then you can start creating your onboarding process.

The Onboarding Process

Finally, you need to set up your onboarding process. Here are seven steps showing a general view of how the onboarding process works.

  • Welcome new employees.

  • Orient new employees to the company culture and values.

  • Introduce new employees to the company's products and services.

  • Train new employees on how to use the products and services.

  • Assess employee productivity and performance.

  • Counsel employees on career growth opportunities.

  • Dispense feedback and provide support when necessary.

Sample Onboarding Checklists

The process above may look easy on paper, but when you start doing it practically, you will find out that you need a checklist to ensure everything goes as planned. Because saying you need to welcome new employees is not enough. You need to outline the important things you need to do during the welcoming for example introducing yourself to these employees.

It would seem rude to some people if you went straight to telling them about their tasks and timelines of projects without introducing yourself first. Also, you have to first introduce your new hires to the company products before telling them that they need to submit product A or product B to a certain customer. Here is a sample onboarding checklist that you can use:

  1. Introduce yourself to your new hires.

  2. Inform new hires of company values and culture.

  3. Orient new hires to your company's work environment and processes.

  4. Help new hires get up to speed on your company's key products and services.

  5. Coach new hires on how to succeed in their roles.

  6. Provide new hires with the resources and support needed to be successful.

  7. Promote a healthy work-life balance for all employees.

  8. Celebrate success with new hires.

Make Your Onboarding 10x Easier with Automation

While it is important to have a well-defined onboarding checklist to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken, doing all the above manually could rob valuable time from your business. We will help you automate your onboarding process today and you will never have to worry about it again. Please get in touch for a quick discussion on how we can help.

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