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How to Drive Leads with Tax Accountants Email Automation Tools

With tax accountants email automation tools, you can be busier than ever this tax season and the periods after. The tools will help you generate leads that you can convert into customers for various products and services around the year.

But how do I use the tools?

We’ve been waiting to answer this question for a while now. Because we’re in the email automation business, and we’ve witnessed it changing the lives of entrepreneurs.

Now, let’s dive into the topic immediately. Below, we’ll help you understand how to drive leads to your tax accounting business using email automation tools.

tax accountants email automation tools

Use Email Automation to Generate Referrals

Do you have family members, past clients, or friends that may benefit from your services? How about you send them an email reminding them about the ongoing tax season.

In your email, ask them to refer their friends and family members to you for tax filing. Because let’s face it–right now, every working American is required to file their tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service.

So, don’t sleep on those emails. Gather them, create a list, add it to your email automation platform, and send them an email sequence.

Generate Leads by Placing a Contact Form on Your Landing Page

While the above method of referrals relies on people in your email list, the contact form method is an inbound strategy. Meaning that it brings in fresh leads to your business.

The method involves signing into your email automation app and setting up a contact form that you will then place on your landing page. The landing page could be your usual website homepage or you could create an independent landing page.

Once you set up everything, then proceed to drive traffic to the landing page. You may drive traffic from social media or use SEO to attract leads from search engines.

The best thing about this method is that you can leave the contact form on your website around the year. So you can generate leads before, during, and after the tax season.

tax accountants email automation tools

Create an Email Sequence for Your Past Bookkeeping and Accounting Clients

In your profession, you may have dealt with clients who needed bookkeeping, accounting, or another service that’s not related to tax filing. That list of clients is resourceful right now.

Because if someone needed your help with bookkeeping last year, then it means that person/business will definitely be filing their returns. Using your email automation platform, you may send a campaign to notify these individuals that you also offer tax filing services.

If you set it up correctly, you should have a reasonable conversion rate from this list. Since you’re offering people a related service.

Use Email Automation to Keep Your List Informed

Finally, you can take advantage of automation to send everyone in your list emails about important dates. Remind them when the tax season is ending, extensions offered by the IRS, exceptions, deductions, and anything else that will keep them informed.

Remember, not everyone is always watching the news to find out what’s going on. So, when people see that you care about them, they will turn to you when they needed your dedicated services.

Also, when you educate your clients, they’ll know you as as an expert in your field. Thus, they will automatically seek your services when they need expert advice. And this means more revenue and consistent income for your tax business.

tax accountants email automation tools

Let Us Help You Set Up Your Email Automation Tools

We know your expertise is in accounting and tax. That’s why we are offering to set up email automation for your business. So that you can focus on filing returns for your clients. Get in touch now to learn more about our email automation services.


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