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How to Improve Customer Experience to Grow Your Business

To compete in the business world today, you have to learn how to improve customer experience in your business. With this knowledge, you stand a chance to make good money from implementing the strategy.

A study by the Temkin Group found that a moderate increase in customer experience produces an average revenue increase of $823 over three years for a company with about $ 1 billion in annual revenues.

The financial benefits are not limited to the revenues you earn. The good times extend to the costs you save from having a good customer experience in your business. According to a Harvard Business Review study, improved customer experience will help your business save on operational costs. It also improves the likelihood of returning business from a customer by 74% in a year.

As you can see, evidence points to more benefits for improving your customer experience. So, let's find out how you can improve customer experience in your business.

Use Technology to Improve Your Experience

Customer experience entails the full journey a customer has with your business. It covers all the interactions the customer has with your company from the point of lead conversion to support after purchase.

As you can imagine, that is a long journey. Luckily you have the advantage of technological innovations to make the experience memorable for your customers.

For example, automating your clients' processes with Dubsado makes this journey a seamless transition for your customers. Imagine a system where your clients can schedule an appointment online. In addition, they can have their transactions, including order fulfillment, completed online without leaving their house. And as a bonus, they can also receive personalized communications from your business even when they least expect it.

These are a few hints of the experiences your customers could benefit from a single automation system. Remember, the result of automation is a win-win for you and your customer. Now take a and think how you and your customers would have it easy if you employed other complementary technologies to improve this experience.

Personalize and Customize Your Customer Interactions

Today, customers are informed. They already know that every business is using technology to seduce them. As a result, most customers aren't responsive or consider these general tactics as exhaustive.

No person, including you, wants to be treated as a money bag. Customers want to feel valued before they develop trust with your business.

Therefore, you need to develop such a relationship with your customers. That requires you to personalize your interactions with your customer. For example, it is hard for a customer not to click on an email with their name. It is also hard for a customer to bypass a newsletter that focuses on what they like or need.

Such personalized relationships with your customers will eventually soften even the most stubborn leads that come your way. It becomes easier for customers to trust your business, hence enjoying the overall customer experience journey.

Empower Your Employees

Did you know that employees are the internal customers of your business? In that case, you cannot expect to improve the experience of external employees if your employees are not happy and motivated. After all, they are the people your external customers interact with through the stages of their customer experience journey.

There is no way a customer will enjoy the experience if an angry employee is serving them. Your employees need to enjoy working in your business to pass on that great experience to your customers willingly.

For example, your employees will be happier to work in your company when they see you listen to and value their ideas. Always remember that engaged employees are more likely to help your customers.

Let Customers be Your Guide

Please do not forget you are doing this for your customers. Therefore, it would be best to let them advise you on what works best for them. Let your customers inform you what counts as a good experience for them.

The first step to creating a customer-centric business is requesting feedback from your customer to know what they expect from you.

Your customers' feedbacks are full of insights, issues, and inputs on how to improve your large. You can use this feedback as a guide on how to improve the customer experience in your business.

Try as much to leverage on social media. It is a good medium for building relationships with your customers. It is also a good place for gathering feedback from your customers.

Make it Part of Your Customer Culture

Improving customer experience in your business should not be a one-time thing. Instead, it should be an approach incorporated into your business model.

It would help if you made it part of your corporate culture.

As a business owner, lead by example in improving your customer experience. You can set the example by enhancing the customer experience for your internal customers (employees). Then they will follow suit by extending the experience to your external employees.

Need Help to Improve Customer Experience in Your Business?

You will be glad to know that we are more than one to help you walk the talk. We can help you build a straightforward client experience that will keep your clients coming back. And all we need from you is to be the boss of how you want it done by choosing the automation package that best works for you.


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