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How to Increase Open Rates with Email Marketing Automation Ecommerce

Your email marketing automation e-commerce's success depends on the email open rate. It is quite simple. If your target audience doesn't open your email, they don't receive your marketing message. In that case, you won’t generate any new business from email marketing.

And here is a reason why your target audience's email open rate should bother you. A recent survey reveals that the email marketing conversion rate is three times higher than social media.

And there is a good reason for this. There are three times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined. Hence, the odds are you will reach a larger target audience for your marketing campaign via email than on social media. Moreover, email marketing has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent.

So, how do you increase your email open rate to increase your email marketing ROI?

What is Email Open Rate, and Why Is It Important?

Email open rate may sound straightforward, but it is not. An email is considered as opened when one of the following occurs.

  • The recipient clicks a link in the email

  • The reader enables images in the email to be displayed in the preview pane or a full email view.

These actions distinguish opening from clicking an email. A higher email open rate is vital for your email marketing campaign in the following ways.

  • It is an effective measure of your email marketing campaign success

  • It allows you to determine the effectiveness of your content and subject lines

  • It is a measure of the quality of your mailing list

  • It allows you to segment your audience

  • It helps you establish the customer perception of your email marketing campaigns.

Best Practices to Improve Email Open Rate

Improving your email open rate can be tricky, especially when you are unaware of your target audience's interests. But, by using these strategies, you will boost your open rate.

Plan Your Objectives

Before launching any email marketing automation ecommerce, determine the goals you want to achieve. These goals shape your email marketing campaign and influence the message you send to your customers.

The final message you decide to send your target audience will determine whether they want to open your emails or not. How you present your email message is influenced by the overall objective of your email marketing campaign.


It would be best to focus your email marketing campaigns on a specific target audience group. That makes it easier to understand their needs and wants.

It also makes it easier for you to predict their expectations of your products and services. Therefore, your email content will address those expectations or concerns beginning from the subject line. Hence it triggers the target audience to act by opening your email.

Use Subject Lines that Generate Interest

How many emails have you ignored because they lack an intriguing subject line? You are not alone.

Important email marketing statistics show that 35% of your email recipients open an email based on the subject line. Another 69% of email recipients classify an email as spam after reading the subject line.

The key to making an intriguing subject line is personalizing it using the customer's details. Also, it would help if you built interest by including a keyword that relates to the customer's needs and wants.

Personalize the Emails

Personalizing your emails starts with the subject line. But don't overemphasize personalizing the subject line and forget about personalizing the content.

The level of content personalization will determine whether your customer keeps reading your email. Personalization also involves choosing the right moment to send your target audience their respective emails.

Identify and Track KPIs

Several key performance indicators determine whether you are running a successful email campaign. Examples of such indicators are open email rate, click-through rate, email bounce rate, customer interaction with your emails, and conversion rates.

Your KPIs should be influenced by the objectives we talked about earlier. The KPIs are the metrics for the achievement of this objective.

Don't Ignore the Analytics

Analytics help you determine whether your email marketing campaign is having a positive impact on your target audience. Data from the analytics help you decide whether it is worth it to continue your email campaign.

The best part is that you are running an automated email marketing campaign. The automation tools will provide you with real data on your KPIs.

The data you obtain will inform you when it is time to optimize your email marketing campaigns. And also when it is time to change the strategy you have employed for your email marketing.

Have You Streamlined Your Email Marketing Automation E-commerce?

Maybe your automation systems are to blame for decreased efficiency in your marketing campaign. There is only one way to find out; have your systems audited and streamlined now.


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