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How to Land a High Paying Client Looking for a Virtual Assistant

One of the best skills you can perfect as a VA is how to land a high-paying client looking for a virtual assistant? The thought of it is just satisfying, especially if you are a newbie trying to find your way around the industry. Capturing a client who pays well is a definite game-changer for you.

Such a client would motivate you to maintain your persistence in the game. Especially given how daunting the process of finding new clients is for a beginner.

But how do you get there? Here are some tips that will help you get there.

Maximize Your Presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a lead generation powerhouse for established businesses as well as startups. But why are you finding it hard to find high-paying clients on this platform?

One of your mistakes is treating this as any other social media platform. LinkedIn is a hub for well-paying clients looking for virtual assistants. However, it is more professional compared to other social media platforms.

Thus, you will need to demonstrate your value so people can hire you. As such, you need to be authentic for you to be noticed. That means having a LinkedIn profile that helps you generate leads for your VA business. Your profile proposes value to your potential clients if it contains rare to find information the client is looking for.

Don’t stop there. Your LinkedIn profile alone will not help you generate leads for your VA business. You will need to go the extra step of optimizing the profile. Your focus, in this case, will be optimizing the terms “virtual assistant.” These terms should feature as much in the following sections of your LinkedIn profile.

  • Headline

  • Description

  • Summary

  • Current and past experience

  • Skills

Once your profile is fully optimized, it’s time to start networking. Start by joining groups associated with virtual assistants. Also, search for groups with professionals in your area of specialization, such as email marketing virtual assistants.

Make sure you are active in the communities by dedicating enough time to discussions and answering questions in these groups. That’s how you are likely to provide the rare information for potential clients looking for a virtual assistant in your area of specialization.

Cold Pitching Potential Clients

Cold pitching can be intimidating at face value, but it is one of the most effective strategies to secure work as a VA. It is the art of emailing a targeted client with a view of convincing them to work with you.

You can already see why people consider cold email pitching a risky strategy to attract a well-paying client. However, if done right, it would turn out to be a fruitful risk. Think of it this way; a client tells you that you have a minute to convince them to hire you. Go!

When employing a cold pitch strategy, you have a minute to convince a client that your email is not spam. Therefore, you have to introduce yourself and offer your VA services to them. And make them know that you understand their business and what value your services add to their business.

Review Premium Job Sites Frequently

Clients looking for virtual assistants will most likely post the job opportunity on job sites. Specifically, job sites that are dedicated to remote jobs.

One of such job sites is We Work Remotely. Well-paying clients will not find you unless you have built a portfolio that matches your skillset on this platform. Also, do not forget to subscribe to job alerts in your specific field, sign up for weekly emails, and seek referrals from your network.


Networking is one of the reliable marketing techniques available to you as a freelancer. Networks can prove vital in landing a well-paying client, whether on social media or in real life.

Start building your networks locally. It will help you build confidence and the experience needed for you to do it globally. Whenever you have a chance, pitch to people the kind of services you offer.

Among the people to include in your network are VAs working with the same ideal clients you want. Connect with them on social media sites whenever you get a chance. You may learn how they attract such clients by observing what they do.

Follow and Connect with Businesses on Instagram

The assumption is that you already have an active Instagram account with a professionally built profile. Following clients in your target market is one of the strategies to generate enough leads on Instagram.

If you haven’t noticed, all that clients want you is solutions and value addition to their business. You can learn a lot about your potential client by following them on Instagram. You can learn about their goals and the challenges they face in achieving them.

Therefore, once you reach out to them offering your services, the focus will not be on you. Instead, it will be addressing the challenges they face and proposing solutions they may not even realize they need.

Land Your High Paying Client Today

Do you want more tips on how to land a high-paying client? You can access these tips by becoming a member of the Royal VA community. Network with professionals who will help you grow and achieve your ultimate goal of landing premium clients.

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