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How to Make Your Client Onboarding Experience Seamless as a VA

Some virtual assistants have booming businesses because they’ve made their client onboarding experience seamless. Yet some others struggle to onboard their clients because they don’t know that even signing a new client is work itself.

If you’re in the boat of virtual assistants who have no idea what an onboarding process looks like and why you need one, we’ve got you today.

You’re about to discover why you should even think about having an onboarding process for your clients. And how to create one.

client onboarding experience

Why Your Client Onboarding Experience Should be Seamless

Before we find out the strategies to make your onboarding experience great, why should you have a process in the first place? Here are a few reasons why:

  1. A good onboarding process sends your clients a message that you are a serious business owner.

  2. It shows your clients that you have experience in what you’re doing.

  3. It keeps you organized and saves you time.

  4. It sets you apart from the competition. Hence you increase your chances of signing more clients than your competitors.

How to Make Your Onboarding Experience Seamless

Now that you understand why you need an onboarding process, we’ll find out how you can make the process seamless in five steps.

Meet with Your Client Face to Face during the Discovery Call

That first interaction with your client via e-mail or social media is not enough. You need to schedule a face-to-face discovery call to discuss more. A face-to-face meeting is better as it gives your clients the opportunity to know who you are.

You also get to know more about your client, their business, and expectations. We would advise that you make it easy to schedule a discovery call via online tools such as Acuity.

It is important to give your clients the opportunity to choose the best time for the discovery call. We promise they will love the flexibility of selecting their availability.

client onboarding experience

Prepare the Questions You’ll Ask Your Client

The last thing you want is to stare at your client during the discovery call without knowing what to ask. Or remembering all the things you didn’t ask your client long after the call.

Because then, you’ll be forced to schedule another call or send follow-ups via email. Doing this will show your clients that you were not prepared and they may lose trust in your services.

To avoid such embarrassments, prepare early and have the questions close by in case you need to refer to them.

Have a Contract in Place to Send After the Call

Once your discovery call is over and you have agreed to start working, the next step is to send your clients your contract. The contract is important as it clarifies the terms and conditions of your working relationship.

When everything in your contract is clear at this stage, then you can expect few or no problems with your clients. Because they know the boundaries not to cross. So, send your contract before you begin working on anything.

Send the Clients a Welcome Email

Once the client signs the contract, it means you’re good to start working with them. This is when you send them a warm welcome email to make them feel at home. And to remind them that you’re a friendly person to work with.

Be creative in your welcome email and include only the necessary details. That is not the time to be funny or sound complicated. Go straight to the point in a warm welcoming and friendly tone.

client onboarding experience

Lastly, Explain Your Procedures via Email/Call

Finally, ensure that you communicate about your working and communication procedures. Let clients know how they can reach you when they want to talk to you. Also, make it clear how they should send you their projects.

If you’re using project management software, let your clients know about it. And explain how it works for those clients who have never heard about it before. Remember, simplicity is key.

Need Help Setting Up Your Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is where you make the first impression on your clients. Make it count by organizing a simple process that doesn’t sound hectic to your clients. Talk to us today for help automating your onboarding process to save time.

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