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How to Organize a Startup with the Help of an Administrative Assistant

Once you start your business, you have to learn how to organize a startup or find someone to help. Because as your business grows day by day, you’ll realize that you can’t do everything by yourself. Especially when clients start rolling in regularly.

An administrative assistant with organizational skills will help you fill the gap.

They’ll help you organize processes, time, and even some financial aspects. While you focus on the core business, which is improving your products and services.

Before you hire an administrative assistant, learn how much they can help you in the following sections.

An Administrative Assistant will Help You Organize Business Finances

You won’t have an accountant in the initial stages of your business. Yet at that time, there are key accounting and bookkeeping practices that you should be doing. For example, you have to keep track of expenses, send invoices to customers, and pay other people who’re helping with your business.

An administrative assistant who has knowledge of customer relationship management systems, bookkeeping software, and basic accounting knowledge will come in handy in such cases.

Give them the right tools and authorization, and they’ll organize all the functions that you assign to them.

An Admin VA will Help You Manage Time

Remember that meeting you missed because you forgot to schedule it in your calendar? How about that online class you missed that was very important to you?

While these things may not have happened to you, failure to manage your time appropriately may lead you to forget crucial meetings for your business.

Instead of waiting for that day when you’ll forget that do-or-die meeting with a client, hire an executive assistant to manage your calendar.

Let the assistant know about important things such as:

  • The day and time you’ll meet a client

  • Day and time you’ll meet a business associate

  • Times when client schedule discovery calls with you

  • Days when you’ll not be in the office

  • Holiday Schedule

With this information, they’ll input the critical events in your calendar and send you reminders when these events will be happening so you don’t miss out. Clients, business associates, and even employees will admire how timely you’ll be in all your activities. They’ll credit you for valuing their time when you meet with them without being late.

An Admin Assistant will Help You Organize Your Workflow

Some business owners use being a startup as an excuse to be disorganized in their operations. They don’t have a system where project A has to be performed before B. They also lack the right tools to make work easier.

As a result, employees waste a lot of time with back-and-forth consultations.

Instead of wasting several hours a week consulting about what goes before the other, an administrative assistant will help you develop a workflow.

First, they’ll help you choose tech tools such as CRM, email management platforms, invoicing software, and project management tools. Then the assistant will help you develop workflows that can be passed on to your employees.

With these workflows, everyone will know what is required of them, and they won’t need to consult you regularly except when it’s completely necessary.

They’ll Help You Manage Your Social Media Accounts

You’ll find yourself being unable to manage your social media accounts when clients stream into your business. Because you’ll be busy attending to the clients or planning your next big moves.

Yet, you need to update your content regularly so that your clients know you’re still in business. And so that you can attract prospects who want to work with you.

With an administrative assistant’s help, you can take a few photos of yourself and hand them over to the individual who’ll then schedule posts to keep your accounts active.

Even if your assistant won’t help you post, they’ll remind you of the days and times when you should post something new. Posting a mix of entertaining, educational, informative, and engaging content will keep your followers busy and looking forward to the next post you’ll publish.

It’ll also increase your chances of converting those followers who watch you from the fence waiting for that post that’ll make them trust your business.

They’ll Help with Technology

Technology is changing fast. It feels like there’s something new in the market every day. Your startup has to keep up with the changes because other businesses are doing it. Customers are also evolving as new tools arise meaning you must keep up with them if you want to work with such updated customers.

While you may need to know about these tools, you don’t have to know how to work with each one of them. An administrative assistant will help you with the tools that you choose to adopt.

Think of something like a new video editor, a photo editor, or a website plugin that adds functionality to your website. An assistant who understands the tools and knows how to bring the best out of them will help you operate the tech. You’ll then have enough time to attend to the important aspects of your startup like finding suppliers who deliver quality items at affordable rates.

Talk to a Tech-savvy Executive Assistant Now

You came here to learn how an admin assistant can help you. And you’ll leave here with an assistant who’s tech-savvy and business oriented. Talk to Marie now and strategize on how she’ll add value to your business with her executive assisting skills.


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