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How to Set Up Your Virtual Assistant Office at Home

Thanks to the digital revolution, you can now comfortably set up your virtual assistant office at home. A few years ago, people would see you as mad when you mention working from home.

But today, more people are working from home to save on their business operating costs.

You can also save on your operation costs by setting up a comfortable office at home. Even better, setting up your virtual assistant office at home could earn you some tax savings. The IRS allows you to make some home office deductions when filing returns.

If that's good enough motivation, here is how you can set up your virtual assistant office at home.

Set Your Office in a Conducive Environment

Before we even delve into details about how to set up your office, the first important detail is to choose a suitable neighborhood. The idea is to create a conducive environment that boosts your creativity and productivity so your virtual assistant business can succeed.

The following checklist will help you choose a suitable spot in your home to use as an office:

  • Is your home spacious enough?

  • How many people are around during the day?

  • How quiet is your neighborhood?

  • Do you experience frequent power outages?

  • Is there a reliable internet connection in your neighborhood?

Once you answer these questions, you can set up your virtual assistant office.

Settle on a Dedicated Space for Your Office

Creating a conducive work environment for your creativity requires space. Space allows you to be organized enough, and such organization stimulates your creativity.

A cluttered office kills productivity and creativity. It is hard to think when you can even get a clear space to walk around or focus on when thinking.

Your home office space should be your safe zone. It should be where you go when you want to think and get some work done.

Ideally, your office space should take up a separate room in your home. It should provide you with some privacy and minimize the possibility of getting distracted when working.

Having a separate room also guarantees other aspects, such as proper ventilation and separation between your home life and your work life. Therefore, avoid using common areas like the living room or dining room as your home office.

Instead, convert one of your guest rooms into your home office. If you don’t have such a space, remodel part of your garage or basement into your home office.

Acquire the Right Furniture for Your Home Office

The fact that it is a home office doesn't mean it won't require a professional touch. At the very least, you need a decent desk and office chair for a start.

You cannot be productive when you don't have comfortable furniture to use. Freelance work will sometimes require you to work for many continuous hours daily. During these moments, you will be thankful for getting such comfortable office equipment.

The height of your desk and chair also matters. That is, of course, if you don't want to include chiropractic appointments in your weekly appointments. Ensure your chair supports your back upright and your desk is of the correct height.

A bigger office desk is better if your budget allows it. It will give you enough space to place your office equipment, such as a computer, and leave enough room for your hands.

Moreover, it would help if you had a cabinet to store some of your work materials. Computers and smart devices have eliminated the need for much paper and files in an office. But you still need some place to keep this equipment and other accessories safe.

Improve Your Office Décor

It may sound a bit unrealistic for someone starting as a virtual assistant, but we promise it isn't. You should start investing in your office décor from the start.

Remember, most potential clients will interview you for the virtual assistant position. That means video calls as a form of one on one meeting.

An attractive workplace will help create a good impression with your client. It sends the message that you are all set and have the right environment to be productive and deliver as per the client's expectations.

Of importance, your office décor should begin with good lighting. It would be best to have proper lighting to make your workplace look presentable and get things done without strain. It will be harder for you to remain productive for a long time if you strain your eyes while working during the day.

Acquire the Right Working Equipment

The first assurance your potential client wants is that you have the right equipment to handle their projects. At the very least, you need a modern desktop computer or laptop to work as a virtual assistant.

Modern means it has the latest features in terms of RAM, storage space, processor, and connection ports. If you are a graphics designer, you will need a computer with a graphics card as your tasks will require demanding graphics.

Moreover, you will need a headset with a noise-canceling feature. These are ideal for when having virtual meetings with your clients.

Once set, research the most reliable internet provider in your neighborhood. A freelancer is heavily dependent on a stable internet connection. For example, your internet connection should take you through an entire video conference call without buffering.

Most of the other features you need are software. Some are free online, while others can only get them through a subscription. Join relevant virtual assistant groups and forums to help you understand the latest software you need for your VA specialization.

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