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How to Use Automation to Build Long term Relationships with Customers

How can I use automation to build long term relationships with customers? If you’ve found yourself asking this question, then this is for you.

The question is worthy because only when you build long term relationships with your customers can you be assured of long term profit.

So, here are some of the methods you can use technological automations to build a lifetime clientele.

automation to build long term relationships

Personalization of Emails

We know you are sending emails to your customers. But are you sending them emails they will read? It’s important to ensure that you are building relationships with those emails.

Don’t just dump information in your email and expect that people will read it. They will read only if you make them do it. And the way to do this is by personalization-call them by their first names, and make them feel like you’re talking to them alone.

Don’t use generalization because almost everyone on your list will read the email alone.

Create Trigger Automated Emails

Trigger automated emails are those that customers receive after taking certain action. For example, when your customers subscribe to your newsletter, they should receive an automated email that thanks them for joining your community.

Also, when customers add to cart, it would help if you send them a reminder after several days. The reminder is triggered by the action of adding to cart.

Trigger automated emails make customers believe that you’re thinking about them. They build your customers’ trust in your brand, hence triggering a long term relationship that may last for decades.

automation to build long term relationships

Would You Like to Automate and Reap 100% Benefits?

Start automating your emails today and increase your chances of winning lifetime customers who will bring in sustainable revenue and profit. Get in touch now for help setting up both easy and complex automations today.


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