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How to Use Circle's Community AI to Grow Your Business Exponentially

The Circle's Community AI is finally here with us. The last time we discussed this platform, we learned the seven reasons to build your online community on Circle.

Now we have even more good news for you. Circle recently introduced community AI and it’s been a game-changer for us. If you still haven’t brought your community to this resourceful platform, we believe it’s time to do that.

Let me show you how the community AI will help you grow your business exponentially.

Circle's Community AI

What is Circle?

If you are joining the conversation for the first time, Circle is an online community platform designed for businesses and creators who want to unite members to share ideas, discussions, live streams, events, memberships, and online courses. It is where creators and brands like you come to support one another, meet, share ideas, and create thriving online communities.

Circle is the place you turn your online business dreams into reality. You can use Circle to achieve this reality in the following ways:

  • Build your online coaching communities or mentor groups

  • Build a successful community-powered online course

  • Promote your products, services, or brand around a community of target customers – a good place to convert your followers into paying customers.

  • Seek other creators to collaborate on ideas or projects

  • Connect with other highly-engaged community members and participate in various discussions

Features of Circle's Community AI

Circle's greatest competitive advantage is its ability to innovate continually. They are always working towards empowering the world's creators and creating highly engaging and monetizable communities.

The community AI is a huge stride towards achieving this milestone. Circle wants you to be in an autonomous gated community where you can complete your full to-do list in one seamless experience.

In this regard, Circle's Community AI is packed with the following features:

  • A content co-pilot to enable you to write, edit, and repurpose deeply engaging content

  • Automated transcriptions that enable you to make your videos searchable and accessible

  • Activity scores to enable you to measure and improve member engagement

News Flush: Circle is also teasing the 'Ask Circle Bot' launch, which will provide timely responses in Circle's help widget.

How Circle's Community AI Will Help You Grow Your Business

We know there’s a debate about whether AI will replace human labor. If you’ve interacted with the debate, you may be thinking, why is Circle, a platform supposed to help you create human connections turning to AI?

If you cannot beat them, join them. Circle appreciates that we live in a digital age, and you cannot stop evolution. However, you can take advantage of the digital wave to improve the efficiency of your service offering. Circle's Community AI is all about improving your efficiency.

The AI will help your brand discover and connect with new members sharing your community's vision. For example, you will now be able to generate high-quality and engaging SEO content in no time. You already understand how hard it is to make your brand discoverable online without quality SEO content.

The AI will provide you with insights into your community members. Getting to know one another is essential in any relationship, especially when connecting virtually.

You have a higher chance of sustaining your online communities on Circle when you understand your members better. Members will stick around more when they feel your community helps them discover and satisfy their unique needs.

Moreover, a primary reason people join specific online communities is because they feel most of the members there are experts in the field. Circle's AI features will enable your community to become discoverable in online searches because you have the answers potential members want.

Now, let’s dissect each feature to discover its specific benefit to your business.

1. Content Co-Pilot

It sounds cliché, but bye-bye, writer's block, and poorly ranking content. Hello, and welcome to quality SEO content powered by Circle's Community AI.

Chat GPT may have provided a reprieve in developing content for your Circle community, but you must admit it came with challenges. For example, the delays when there is too much traffic, or sometimes the content you get isn't refined. You also have to switch tabs when using ChatGPT on Circle.

No more having to switch tabs or browsers to research ideas for adding content on Circle. The content co-pilot will help you save time in generating relevant ideas for your lessons and topics.

Also, you don't have to postpone creating content because you face one of those off days with your writing creativity. When you need to rest, the content co-pilot will delightfully take over and help you generate additional paragraphs, introductions, or conclusions about a specific topic.

As an online coach, you also need a wide range of materials to make it easier for your students to understand the concepts. For example, you may need images, videos, or practical illustrations to enrich the theoretical materials.

Unfortunately, you may not have the time to research and compile the needed materials. But not anymore, because you can use your content co-pilot to search the material you need to add depth to the content before sharing it.

Additionally, you don't have to go through the hassle of searching for proofreading tools like Grammarly. Just summon your content co-pilot to edit and enhance your content in the following ways:

  • Improve or simplify your writing.

  • Fix spelling and grammar.

  • Summarize it in a few lines.

  • Make your content shorter or longer.

  • Translate the content in a different language.

  • Edit content based on a custom prompt

Wait, there is more magic your content co-pilot can help you perform. You can repurpose your old content using the co-pilot. It will summarize your past content to make event recaps for use in promoting a future event.

Note: the content co-pilot will help you generate better responses around your Circle community if you briefly describe your community in the Community AI settings. Remember to use keywords to represent the community's objectives, the target audience, and what you do. Below is an example of such a community description.

Circle's Community AI content co-pilot

2. Automated Transcriptions

Circle's Community AI- automated transcription

Do you provide online classes or coaching sessions? If yes, you have an even bigger reason to be jubilant about the new Circle AI features. The automated transcription features maximize your opportunities to reach a larger target audience irrespective of your Circle subscription plan.

One of the reasons people hate learning through videos is they demand full attention from the learner. Even you have found yourself in a situation where you must rewind a video several times because it went too fast before you grasped the concept or got distracted.

These are the moments you hope for a video with transcripts. Circle automated transcription features ensure your viewer's wishes come true. All you have to do is upload your video, choose the transcription language to match the language you've used in your video, and leave the rest to the AI.

Finally, follow the following simple steps to upload a custom WebVTT transcription file for your viewers.

Circle's Community AI transcription file

Hot Tip: use the transcription feature to make your video more discoverable to your community members and external search engines. Before preparing the video, try to research SEO keywords that align with the topic you are discussing. These keywords will appear in the uploaded transcript, allowing them to be indexed by external search engines like Google. That way, you can attract new leads to join your Circle community.

3. Activity Scores

In the end, all that matters is whether the effort you put into growing your Circle community counts for something. That is the measurable positive impact the content has on your community members.

Therefore, you need a means to gain valuable insights into the impact of your content on community engagement communities. With the help of Circle's community AI, you will measure every member's engagement using metrics such as presence, participation, connection, and contributions.

Only go with the factors that help you generate performance scores that align with the goals you have set for your community. Turn on or off the elements you want to measure in the Community AI settings, as shown below.

Circle's Community AI activity scores

The insights from the scoring system will help you understand your community members even more. Take advantage of this AI feature to assess your community members' attitudes toward your business events, outreach programs, discussion topics, or policies.

Also, it could be your way of encouraging higher levels of member engagement in your Circle communities. For example, develop a reward system like offering members with high scores free invites to your exclusive events.

Circle's Community AI activity scores

Don't also forget to spare time to motivate members with lower engagement scores. For example, create a Circle workflow or personalized email campaign to re-engage the members.

Try Out Circle's Community AI Today

You have every reason to try the amazing features Circle has to offer. The good thing is that you can try it for free. Sign up for a 14-day trial of Circle and turn your imagination into a reality that could skyrocket your business growth.

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