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How to Use Dubsado to Onboard New Clients as a Tax Professional

If you’re a tax professional, and you want to be organized, you have to try Dubsado to onboard new clients. Having an organized system of onboarding clients in the busy tax season will definitely eliminate confusion from the whole process.

The last thing you want is to onboard fifteen new clients manually. It will take a lot of your time, make your clients impatient, and may lead to a loss of business. Because not all clients will wait for days to get their work started.

So, if you want to be on top of the game this tax season, here is how you can use Dubsado to make your onboarding fast and exciting.

Dubsado to onboard new clients

How to Use Dubsado in Your Lead Capture Process

While you have a website where potential customers find you, Dubsado makes it possible to capture leads through the website. It has contact forms that you can use on your website to capture the contact details of potential clients.

The process is easy as you can embed the form on your website. So that clients provide their details without leaving the platform. Easy peasy.

Dubsado to onboard new clients

Schedule Discovery Calls via Dubsado

The most important stage in your onboarding process is the discovery call. It is during the call that clients know more about your business. And it is here that they decide whether they want to proceed to work with you or not.

Therefore, if you want to onboard more clients, ensure that you invite prospects on a discovery call with you. And you can set up the booking via Dubsado, which saves you and your prospects time.

Send Contracts via Dubsado

We love Dubsado because of the variety of contract templates the tool provides. You can choose from the templates or create your own contract from scratch. Once you have designed your contracts, you can then customize each for your clients.

Customizing means that you fill the contracts with the client’s names, contacts, and other personalized information. Through Dubsado, customization takes only a few minutes, and you can schedule the time you want your clients to receive the contract.

Dubsado to onboard new clients

Use Dubsado for Client Management

Since the tax season is the busiest time of the year for you as a tax professional, you need to manage the pool of clients on your list.

Through Dubsado, you can manage the list by classifying current clients, clients whose taxes are done, clients whose taxes are yet to be done, prospects you need to follow up with, and any other classification that suits your business.

Through client management, you know the whereabouts of each of your clients. And you are able to satisfy everyone at the right time. With high client satisfaction rates, you increase your chances of signing long-term contracts with happy customers.

Invoice Your Clients via Dubsado

Imagine being able to keep everything in one place including sending invoices to your clients. That’s what Dubsado does, and that’s why tax professionals like you are working via the platform.

It saves you the time of creating invoices in other platforms from scratch. Hence leaving you with enough time to attend to your clients.

Dubsado is Free for a Lifetime for Up to Three Clients

You want your business to grow as much as possible, right? That is what we are all praying for. To grow and keep the growth curve moving forward ever. But to reach that point, you have to start with one client, then two, and so on.

Dubsado understands this perfectly. Hence, they are supporting small businesses by making it free for up to three clients. If you are just starting and have one or two clients, now is the perfect time to test the powerful capabilities the platform has to offer.

Let Us Help You Set up Dubsado to Onboard New Clients

Are you already loving Dubsado after hearing all that it can do for your business this tax season? We are here to help you set up your client relationship management via the platform. Sign up here to learn how we will help you automate everything via Dubsado.


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