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How to Use Mailerlite to Build Customer Trust and Sell More

Are you aware that “how to use Mailerlite to build customer trust” is now a hot topic of discussion online? The use of Mailerlite to develop lasting relationships with customers is one of the competitive tactics businesses are using today.

Through email marketing, you have a chance to sell your products and services while also developing relationships with your customers. Mailerlite is one of the versatile email marketing tools to help you achieve this.

Therefore, here is how you can use this tool to build customer trust.

Source: Mailerlite

Interaction Tracking

Have you ever chatted with someone using text or email and realized that they have no idea what your previous discussion entailed? Or have you ever called someone close to you, and they start the conversation by asking you who you are?

That simple question or realization is a definite conversation killer. Even after the person corrects their mistake, the conversation will not be the same. It is the same feeling your customer gets whenever they try to get in touch with you and realize you have no clue about them.

It creates the impression that you do not maintain a close relationship with your customers. The whole experience may cause the customer to want to cut ties with your business. Statistics indicate that about 89% of customers will return to a business after having a positive customer experience in their last interaction. Such an experience does not count as one of those positive experiences.

The great news is that Mailerlite can save you from such embarrassing situations. MailerLite allows you to add notes on your leads by clicking on the emails you have collected. The tool provides you with a record of how many times you have interacted with your leads using email.

Additionally, it provides statistics of how your customers have responded to your interactions based on emails opened or clicked. Such features will help you cultivate your relationship with customers. These records are also important in informing you of any customers you have not been engaging with for long.

Lead Management

One of the reasons you are becoming frustrated with your marketing efforts is that you are chasing down the wrong leads. Not every lead you generate has the potential to become a future customer. Moving leads through a sales funnel can be both times consuming and expensive. Hence, it would help if you only chased the right leads with a higher potential to become customers.

Mailerlite helps you segment your leads into groups based on the level of responsiveness to your email marketing efforts. High responsiveness to your email interactions indicates that the lead is interested in what you are offering.

When grouping the leads, prioritize those who have answered your email. You can also have a group for those that have opened your email. They, too, have a higher probability of being translated into potential customers. All these are statistics from your MailerLite tool.

Contact Management

At some point, growth will be inevitable for your business. When this happens, you will have many customers to manage and keep satisfied. You’ll need to keep records of your customers’ names, phone numbers, and emails. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the amount of contact information you hold will increase as your business grows.

MailerLite can help you manage all these contacts to build value for your customers. The “All Subscribers” section of this tool helps you see the full collection of emails you have collected. Clicking on any of these emails will help you see all available additional information relating to these emails.

You may also use the tool to regain touch with a lost customer. You can do it by filtering subscribers on your database based on the relevant search criteria.

Source: Mailerlite

Use MailerLite to Build Customer Trust Today

Do not allow yourself to hear all the hype about MailerLite from your competitors. Let’s help you get to begin with automating your emails now. It is the first step to integrating MailerLite into your business systems.


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